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Museums in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara has several interesting museums. One of the most beautiful museums of Nepal is the International Mountain Museum. Here you can see historical documents, records and chronicles on mountaineering. With 8 mountain peaks above 8000 meter, Nepal is leading the list with the highest mountains in the world! It is therefore not surprising to see the large amount of information about local population, flora, fauna, rocks and the equipment necessary for climbing. Do you have plans for climbing yourself? At the museum there is a 6m high rock where you can try it out! The museum is located 1.5 to the south of Pokhara Airport at Rato Pairo. For more information about other museums, check the section below.

Other museums in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara Museum: In this museum you can see ethnic mosaic, history and lifestyles of the diverse cultures in the western of Nepal. It is situated between the bus stop and Mahendra Pul.

Annapurna Regional Museum: The museum shows a large collection of butterflies, insects, birds, and models of wildlife living in the Annapurna area. You can find the museum at the Prithvi Narayan Campus.

Gurkha Memorial Museum: Exceptional museum about the history of the Gurkha army. The army was known for its hard training and strong mans. The museum shows many interesting stories, photos, uniforms and medals and can be found at Pardi.

Pokhara, Nepal


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Pokhara, Nepal


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Pokhara, Nepal


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