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Travel in Patan, Nepal

The best way to get around in Patan is by foot. All the attractions and shops are very close to each other. However, do you want to go to Jawlakhel and you are a bit tired? You can always take a taxi, minibus or a tuk tuk.

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Means of transportation in Patan, Nepal

  • By micro bus
    This is the cheapest way of travelling in Nepal. If you are in Kathmandu, you can find the bus at Ratnapark. He will bring you to Patan for 12 rps.

  • By taxi
    By taxi: for 300-350 rps a taxi will bring you from Kathmandu to Patan. However, they can charge you more if you are a tourist.
  • By bus
    From Kathmandu’s ring Road, every fifteen minutes there is a blue or green bus going to Patan. He will stop near to Patan which is only a 15 min walk to Durbar Square. The bus will cost around 15 to 20 rps.

Patan, Nepal


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Patan, Nepal.

Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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