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Shopping in Patan, Nepal

Patan has plenty of shopping opportunities for souvenir hunters. The most stores can be found at the touristic area Jhamsikhel. At the Kopundol Road, you can find wooden toys, paintings, pottery, pillow covers and carpets. At Durbar Square there are many metalworking shops where you can find many wooden and metal handicrafts. Besides, Patan is the center of the growing carpet industry. Everyone who values a good carpet, should visit the Tibetan refugee camp at the Handicraft Center in Jawalakhel. Here you can find the best carpets and rugs for a good and fixed price! For a look at the local live, downstairs you can see the employees working on the carpets. The Center employs around 1000 refugees which is a great initiative.

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Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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