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Markets in Patan, Nepal

Almost half of the population in Patan works as craftsmen, which results in a paradise of Nepalese handicrafts. The city is known for its metal and stone crafts, which can be found in the streets around Durbar Square. Especially in the south of Durbar Square, you can find popular metal working shops. Near the Kumbeshwar Temple (in the north of Durbar Square) you can find the Kumbeshwar Technical School. This school provides training in producing carpets and woodcarvings for the poorest families in Patan. In the touristic area Jawlakhel you can find even more shops, carpets and handicrafts. If you are looking for a carpet, you can visit the high-quality Lee Birch’s shop or the Tibetan refugee camp which gives a good view how the carpets are made.

Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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