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Holidays in Patan, Nepal

The most important holidays are listed below:

28th January Basant Panchami
30th January Martyr’s day (honors those who were killed)
18th February National Democracy Day
20th February Honour of Lord Shiva
9th March Nepalese Women’s Day
8th March Holi
1st April Festival of Horses
1st April Birthday of Lord Rama
14th April Nepalese New Year Day
28th April Birthday of Lord Buddha
25th May Bhudda Day
9th August End of Ramadam
21st August Janai Purnima
11st-14th October Dashain Festival
3rd-5th November Tihar Festival
9th November Constitution Day
25th December Christmas Day

  • Local organic Food in a Homey Setting
  • Trekking on Hills of Nawalparasi
  • Kalinchowk Hike
  • Traditional Dinner: Newari Bhoj
  • World Heritage Side
  • Vintage VW Ride (Volks Wagon Beetles / Bus)
  • Amazing sightseeing with delicious cuisine
  • Bhaktapur "A Short Visit to an Ancient City"
  • Enjoy Pokhara Lake and a Jungle Safari!
  • Vintage VW Ride (Volks Wagon Beetles / Bus)
  • The Real Taste Of Home Made Nepali Food
  • Trekking on Hills of Nawalparasi
  • Local organic Food in a Homey Setting
  • Daily Walking Tour through Beautiful Kathmandu!
  • Daily Sunrise tour to Nagarkot.

Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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Patan, Nepal


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