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Nightlife in Nepal

Nepal is not known for its clubbing culture. It is common to sleep around 10 o’clock, so there are not a lot of local people at the clubs and bars. Most of them are guys, girls are being protected for the nightlife by their parents. Nightlife starts early (around 10 o’clock) and ends also early (around 1 o’clock) so make sure that you are on time. Tourists often start the evening with a dinner in the touristic districts of Nepal, having a Gorkha beer and visiting a shisha bar. Below you can read the greatest places for going out! Click here to check out awesome local experience in Nepal!

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  • Bhaktapur "A Short Visit to an Ancient City"
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  • Bhaktapur "A Short Visit to an Ancient City"
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Going out in Nepal

  • Thamel
    This is the nightlife place in Kathmandu. Here you can find everything: from listening to live music, playing pool, relaxing in shisha bars to dancing in clubs.
  • Jhamel in Jhamsikhel
    This area in Patan has a lot of cozy bars with live music. Nice bars are Tamarind Restro and Bar and Moksh Live Bar.
  • Pokhara
    The atmosphere is great in Pokhara. It is clean, quiet and modern. It is a great place to meet other travelers. Nice bars are Club Amsterdam, Busy Bee Café and Club Paradiso.



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