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Nightlife in Kathmandu, Nepal

For the nightlife in Kathmandu you have to be in Thamel. Here you can find lots of restaurants, cocktail bars, live music and relaxing bars. Nightlife starts early (around 10 o’clock) and also ends early (around 1 o’clock) so make sure that you are on time. If you want a cheap beer, order the local Gorkha Beer. It taste good and is much cheaper than the popular touristic brands. Do you want something different? Kathmandu also have cinema's called the QFX Jai Nepal, QFX Central, QFX Kumari Cinema and Big Cinema where they play some English movies. While gambling is illegal in Nepal for inhabitants, there are some casino's for tourists in Kathmandu. These are the Casino Nepal, Anna, Everest, Royale and Rad and are all located in the 5 stars hotels. However, local people love to gamble and do it secretly during holidays and festivals. Most popular game is playing cards which you will definitely do during one of the experiences at Withlocals!

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  • Enjoy Pokhara Lake and a Jungle Safari!
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Bars in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • The Buddha Bar is a relaxing place to meet the locals. Take off your shoes and relax with a beer and a shisha.
  • Tom and Jerry’s Pub is the place to be for playing pool while drinking some cocktails.
  • In the House of Music bar you can hear the popular Nepali live bands playing.
  • Dancing all night long… till 1 o’clock… Popular discotheque’s are I Club, Galaxy Discotheque, Fire club and Cube the club.

Kathmandu, Nepal


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Kathmandu, Nepal


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Kathmandu, Nepal


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