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Festivals in Kathmandu, Nepal

It is said, Nepal has more festivals than days! Well known for their traditional colorful festivals, it is an absolutely must to visit one of their festivals. These are the most special festivals in Kathmandu:

Basant Panchami 15-FebSpring festival in Durbar Square
Sarawati Pja 15-FebCelebrate the birthday of Saraswati, which is the Goddess of Learning.
Holi 26-MarYouth are throwing colored powder and water on each other.
Chait Dasain 21-AprThe army’s top-ranking officers gather at the Durbar Square, for the offering of several buffalo and goats.
Teej 13-MayImportant festival for women, married women visits male relatives and unmarried women pray for their future husbands
Buddha Purima 25-MayCelebrating the birthday of Gautama Buddha, which was a spiritual teacher for Buddhism (also known for Siddhartha).
Gaaijatra 3-AugThe festival of cows, celebrated by the Newar community. People remembers the death of people during the year.
Indra Jatra 16-23 SeptemberLord Indra is the God of the rain and the king of heaven. It is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists. The festival takes for 8 days. Most people gather at the Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu.
Dashain 11-15 OctoberIt is the festival of the victory and it is celebrated in the entire Nepal. Locals visit their native place and families.
Himalayan Blues Festival 21-23 NovemberThe best music festival in Kathmandu.
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Kathmandu, Nepal


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Kathmandu, Nepal


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