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Guides in Nepal

The real fun is about “going where the locals go, eat what locals eat and do what the locals do.” How amazing would it be to meet a local guide, and to experience the Balkumari Jatra festival in Thimi, do a mountainbike tour in Kathmandu Valley, go on a pilgrimage tour in Pharping or have a Tibetan culture tour with a local guide. You can experience this all at Withlocals!

  • Nepali Cuisine with Cultural briefing
  • How we dine? Contemporary Nepali way!
  • Sailing Local Wooden Boat in Narayani River
  • Eating organic food with locals
  • Bhaktapur "A Short Visit to an Ancient City"
  • Get The Real Taste Of Home Made Nepali Food!
  • Explore actual Nepal - Phaskot
  • Traditional Dinner: Newari Bhoj
  • The Birthplace of Buddha Tour
  • The best of the kathmandu Valley
  • Explore Nepal as a local including homestay
  • How we dine? Contemporary Nepali way!
  • Jungle Safari at chitwan
  • Traditional Dinner: Newari Bhoj
  • Vintage VW Ride (Volks Wagon Beetles / Bus)



Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Nepal.



Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Nepal.



Everybody's good at something! Learn from Nepal locals and their cultures.