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Climate in Nepal

Nepal has a monsoon climate and has four main seasons, which are June-September, October-December, January-March and April-June. Climate differs in the three main areas in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan but the typical season changes are the same. From January till March, it is called the cold season with temperatures around 10°C. It’s a great time to warm up your body and soul by visiting a local host for a traditional home-cooked Nepalese dinner. Between April and June it is dry and warm weather which makes it the best season to visit Nepal. If you want to explore the beauty and grandiosity of Nepal, join one of the private local tours led a by local . In the end of June the rainy season will start till the end of September. Between October and December it is the best season to visit the hilly regions, because the weather is clear and cool. Click here to explore hidden gems and stunning nature of Nepal.

Average (°C) Rain (mm)
January 3.9 18.5
February 5.2 24.2
March 9.8 29.7
April 13.9 44.7
May 16.8 83.8
June 18.7 215.7
July 18.7 351.1
August 18.4 311.3
September 17.2 196.9
October 13.4 54.9
November 8.9 8.6
December 5.3 11.6
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