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Things to do in Bhaktapur, Nepal

If you are in Bhaktapur, you definately have to visit Thimi, a district in Bhaktapur that known for its terracotta flower pots, ashtrays, candlesticks and colorful masks and dolls. It is a great pottery market. In the surroundings of Bhaktapur, you can find Changu Narayan. This temple is situated at a hilltop of 1700m, also called Changu or Dolagiri. It is the oldest temple in Nepal, dated from 464 AD. It is of great importance to the Hindu people, since the temple is dedicated to Lord Visnu. It Is located 4 km to the north of Bhaktapur. For a stunning view, visit Nagarkot which is the best viewpoint in the Kathmandu valley of the mountains. From here, the hills of the Annapurna and the Mount Everest seem to be incredibly close! This place lies on a hill with an altitude of 2195m, far away of all the busy streets and noises. It is located 18 km to the north east of Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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