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Shopping in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur is known for its great handicrafts and terracotta products. It is a nice place to buy souvenirs, but not so much for finding clothes. At the district Thimi you can find the most beautiful terracotta products, like flower pots, ashtrays, candlesticks and colorful masks and dolls. Popular shops are Pritty Handicrafts and Lotus Handicrafts. Both shops can be find in an alley on the right of the Nyatapola Mandir. The boss of Pritty Handicrafts, called Diwan Dhaubhadel, is exteremely kind and loves to bargain. It is a good place to find some clothes. The boss of Lotus Handicrafts, called Shiba, offers you lots of souvenirs and typical Nepali products. Baktapur shopping specialty are the colorful masks. They are made up of black clay and have painting on it. They represents the Gods and you can find them everywhere. It is a great souvenir!

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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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