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Climate in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur is characterized by a mild climate. In the summer (June, July, August), temperatures have a range from 19-27°C. The summer is also called the rainy monsoon season, which has an average rainfall of between 20-37 cm. However, most of the rain falls in the night and otherwise it is only raining for one or two hours (but very hard!). When it is raining, look towards the locals. They can easily find a place to take shelter and have lots of patience. It is quite funny to see all the tourists with their umbrella’s and raincoats, running in the rain. In the winter (November till February), it can be cold. Temperatures are ranging from 2°C till 15°C. The best time to visit Kathmandu is in the spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November). Temperatures are around 20°C till 25°C. During these months, the sky is very clear so that you can see the Himalaya. Beautiful!

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  • Daily Walking Tour through Beautiful Kathmandu!
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  • Trekking on Hills of Nawalparasi
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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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Bhaktapur, Nepal


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