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Private Tours and Activities in Nepal

You can take a Lonely Planet and plan your own trip, you can call a travel agency and let them provide you with a detailed travel plan and multi-day tours, or you can take the more interactive route and book a private tour with one of the humble Nepalese locals. Personal experiences like these can range from taking you on hiking tour into the Himalayas, to showing you around their most beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples and being a personal source of information to which you can direct all your questions. They can be a few hour tours of a cultural heritage site, or one of the more engaged private guides will even take you on a motorcycle tour through their region for multiple days.

  • MTB Nepal
  • Nepali Cuisine with Cultural briefing
  • Trekking on Hills of Nawalparasi
  • Enjoy Pokhara Lake and a Jungle Safari!
  • The three World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu.
  • Vintage VW Ride (Volks Wagon Beetles / Bus)
  • Bike tour from Kathmandu to Tatopani
  • Eating organic food with locals
  • Nepali Cuisine with Cultural briefing
  • Explore Nepal with local community
  • Enjoy Pokhara Lake and a Jungle Safari!
  • 10 Days Trekking on Hills of Nawalparasi
  • MTB Nepal
  • Jungle Safari at chitwan
  • Explore actual Nepal - Phaskot

Habits in Nepal

  • To say hello in Nepal, you say Namaste and bow with your hands in prayer position
  • In Nepal the cow is a sacred animal. The cow guides the dead on their way to heaven
  • It is uncommon to show affection in public, like kissing and hugging
  • In Nepal, shaking your head from side to side will mean yes while nodding your head up and down means no
  • Do not touch someone with your feet. If you do so, please tap immediately the person’s shoulder and your forehead
  • Take off your shoes before entering a house or a temple
  • Only use your right hand for eating, shaking hands or giving money. Your left hand is your bathroom hand in the Nepalese culture



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Fun facts about Nepal

  • It is common to slurp tea in restaurants and homes
  • It is a compliment if you tell someone he/she is fat
  • It is common to see same sex walking together hand in hand or hugging. It shows friendship
  • Brides always marry in red
  • One of the major airline companies is called Buddha airlines