top5 What to do in Kuala Lumpur in 3 days

We don’t always get to stay for as long as we like to in some places. With a limited time but so much to see, you’ll want to spend your time efficiently. This is where a local guide benefits you the most! Take a look at our favorite picks of what to do in Kuala Lumpur in 3 days!

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Kuala Lumpur Life After Five Tour


€64.00 p.p.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
James Shanthuru

Local Market Visit & Vegan Home Cooking

To add some context I would like to add I’m a 6’4 250lbs African American Vegan. When searching the internet for things to do in Brussels I came across Shanthuru’s page. Weirdly enough, after reading his background I had a gut feeling this would be a hidden gem addition to our tour. As mentioned before I’m 250 pounds so me and my gut have a good relationship. I don’t have time for a lovey dovey rendition on how Shanthuru changed my life but if you are an open minded person who loves a great mind and to be around people who really are good people who care about their city and our world, this is the tour for you. The parallel of Brussels being such a diverse city and the diversity of Shanthuru’s knowledge just fit. Do yourself a favor and try this out, if you are disappointed check the mirror.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Monika Sammy

Best of Bangkok Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems

Our day was superb with him!
We had busy morning finding the correct meeting place and got little late, but Sammy greeted us with smile.Immediately he felt like an old friend, we know for years. Great humor, friendly, helpful, good knowledge about everything. With him we really turned to local and we smelled The Real Life Flavor in Bangkok. I remember Sammy said that once in Bangkok temperature dropped to +20 degrees and he felt like dying, so cold for him, so today when it is -21 degrees here in Estonia I smile and think of him :)

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Wesley Yanira

Rome’s Favorite Food Tour: the 10 Tastings

There should be an extra Heart on the rating for Yanira's beauty and charm! It really was quite a magical day in spite of the rain. In fact the rain actually doesn't seem to stop anyone in Rome.

Looking back on the Food tasting, I should have asked for her favorite pasta dish, which I am sure she would have done. However it was still fantastic, especially Roscioli, the Forno we visited, which is beloved by the Locals and hopefully not on the list of most Tourists; it would be too crowded!

I also learned I have been referring to a single Panino as a Panini my whole life! And a Cannolo too (He He). The perfect ending though was the Charcuterie platter at the Cured Meat shop, whose name I cannot recall right now. I took that to go and finished it later in my Hotel room; no one does cured meats better than Italy!

Oh by the way: I am still having dreams about the Gelato!

Top nature tours in Kuala Lumpur

Magical Waterfall & Jungle Trek Experience


€34.00 p.p.

Top historical tours in Kuala Lumpur

Caves, Culture & Dizzy Towers


€77.00 p.p.