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Travel options in Italy

Italy’s roads are extensive and they have an excellent highway system. Generally speaking the roads are kept in good condition, but the further south you go you’ll notice a marked change in the lack of upkeep. In the poorer southern regions of Italy, many smaller roads are metal roads, and it’s not uncommon to meet a number of precarious pot holes along the way. Driving in Italy can test your patience at times. Drivers drive on the right, but the Italians are known to be somewhat erratic when driving. Driving in Rome and other major cities is not recommended because it’s much quicker and a lot less stressful to travel by public transport in Italy.

Hiring a car in Italy also leads to another problem – parking. It’s so difficult to find a parking spot anywhere, which is why a lot of locals opt to travel by scooter in Italy, which is locally known as the motorino. Major cities in Italy such as Rome, Naples, Milan, and Turin all have major metro networks, so traveling around these cities is even more convenient. Small metro stations in Genoa and Catania cover shorter distances, but aren’t as extensive.

All cities and towns in Italy, no matter their size, have excellent urban and suburban bus systems. Traveling by bus is cheap, and generally most buses are kept in good condition, however, it’s more difficult to travel in Italy on Sundays and on public holidays as there’s a limited service. It’s important to note that all tickets for the metro and train need to be validated before getting on the train because traveling with an un-validated ticket will land you a huge fine of up to €100. You can buy tickets in a number of convenient places, which includes a tobacconist’s shop, a newsstand, and electronic ticket dispensing machines which can be found in all stations.

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Travel like a local Italy

  • The Italians know that the Italian roads can be chaotic, busy, and full. They also know how difficult parking in Italy is. This is why a number of them all travel by the same mode of transport in Italy – the motorino, which we commonly refer to as the scooter.
  • Whizzing through the streets of Italy on a scooter will allow you to visit every corner of the city and not worry about parking. You’ll be able to explore all those tiny Italian side streets and also have enough power to get to the top of the hills and mountains to admire the beautiful panoramic views that can be found across the country.
  • Rent a scooter in Italy and start living more like a local, because this is the only way you can really explore the area freely without having to adhere to public transport timetables.



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  • When traveling in Italy, there’s so much to see and do, it’s difficult to take it all in. If you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience and the unique chance to get to know this spectacular country well, the only way to do this is with a local.
  • When you take a tour around Italy with your personal Italian tour guide, you’ll learn everything that’s needed to know about Italy and the region you’re in from the history of the buildings and city to the local customs of the people.

  • By getting your own personal tour guide in Italy, you’ll make new friends, see and do things that other tourists will never experience in those huge organized tour groups, and you’ll be able to live like an Italian, which means enjoying life and having a good time while you travel.