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Home restaurants in Rome

Rome is one of the best capitals when it comes to great food. Eating out in Rome is a way of life for the locals and a great things to do for tourists. While tourists in Rome flock to the busy commercialized centers to sample overpriced mediocre food, the locals head to their little unknown favorite eateries for some real authentic Roman food. There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in Rome, but the trick is to head where the locals go. Where they go, the food is bound to be good, after all Romans know good food. Local Roman eateries will provide better quality at more affordable rates – not every restaurant in Rome is expensive! Locals group together at one of the many family run pizzerias or trattorias where they’ll sit over bottles of wine, talk, and eat for hours on end. Eating is for enjoyment in Rome, not for survival. If you’re looking to sample some real authentic Roman cuisine, you can have the opportunity to take part in a real home-cooking experience in Rome, and see how they really do it. Learn the secrets of Rome’s signature dishes such as stuffed zucchini blossoms, salted cod, and quinto quarto, which is innards cooked in infused oil.

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Top 10 Restaurants in Rome, Italy

  • Da Enzo, an organic restaurant specializing in Roman fare in Eastern Trastevere is a dining experience. Its simplistic setting is clean and the food is to die for. Sample their artichokes, it’s their specialty!
  • Osteria Bonelli, is a traditional pasta house where the locals dine in Torpignattara. It’s cheap and cheerful, and the ricotta e spinaci ravioli is a must paired with the house red.
  • Farinè is the place to head to for real Roman pizza. With its limited menu of 5 pizzas per night, you’ll enjoy the fresh pizza that the locals rave about.
  • La Carbonara dal 1906 in Monti is known for its generous portions and traditional Italian pasta such as fritto vegatale, ravioli alle noci, and bollito. It’s simply magnifico!
  • Capo Boi, is famous amongst the locals on special occasions. Serving a fusion of Roman Sardinian food, this kitchen come restaurant specializes in fish served with crunchy pane carassua bread.
  • Vintage Bistrot is a hidden gem. Its cozy interior and great décor creates warmth and atmosphere. Sample the real traditional food that Romans enjoy in small portions, allowing you to taste more.
  • Enoteca Corsi on Via del Gesù is a quirky eatery that serves delicious lunches. You’ll get that Roman feel, but without the crowds. With 100 labels of wine to choose from, it’s a must!
  • The Fish Market on Vicollo della Luce is a trendy spot where you’ll be able to enjoy traditional freshly cooked fish dishes for a fraction of the tourist restaurant prices.
  • Bar del Fico is the hippest eatery in Rome. This is where the young locals hang during the evenings and weekends for aperitifs. This circus-themed restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine.
  • Flavio al Velavevodetto is the place to go for some traditional Roman inspired pasta in a clean and modern setting. Cheap with big portions, what more could you want? Oh, yes, their tiramisu!

Rome, Italy


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy


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Rome, Italy


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The Best Traditional Foods to Try Rome, Italy

  • Pizza Bianca is directly translated as white pizza. This scrumptious foccacia type bread can be found everywhere. Grab it on the go from one of the thousand local bakeries – it’s divine and cheap!
  • Carbonara is a dish you’re familiar with, but you haven’t tried the Carbonara in Rome. This delicious creamy fettuccine pasta served with crème fraiche is heaven on a plate.
  • Roman pizza is the best pizza. Cooked on wood ovens with a thin crust, you can have it simple or packed with great toppings, but if you’re doing it the Roman way, simple’s best.
  • Quinto quarto is offal. Doesn’t sound nice? Try it. Eat it as it is or try one of the many dishes using it like coda alla vaccinara, an oxtail stew cooked slowly for hours.
  • Cacio e Pepe is an ultra-simple pasta dish with grated Romano cheese and freshly ground pepper. This creamy dish, cooked al dente, will have you shouting from the Roman rooftops!