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Climate & Weather in Rome

The best thing about the weather in Rome is that it’s generally consistent. It has four distinct seasons with the summer being excessively hot and dry and the winter being wet and chilly. Spring in Rome is when the flowers bloom and exclusive gardens open to the general public. The mild temperatures of the Roman spring coupled with the bright colors and flowery parks make this one of the preferred times of year to visit. Fall in Rome is very much the same as spring - it’s mild and the temperature’s pleasant. There’s little rainfall in Rome throughout the fall, and the golden brown leaves transform Italy’s capital into a rustic city. Rome is located only 30km from the Mediterranean Sea meaning that Rome enjoys a nice long summer. It’s not uncommon to experience beautiful beach weather in the early spring time or late fall. Rome in summer is uncomfortably hot, and the lines to all the favorite attractions in Rome are endless. The humidity is pretty high and in general it’s the most busiest time of year. This metropole is an all year round destination, because in every season it has tons of amazings things to do in Rome.

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Seasons in Rome, Italy

  • Spring in Rome marks a busy period as it’s also the time of the Holy Easter week, meaning large crowds pour into the Vatican. Temperatures usually range between 59°F and 64°F. It does have the tendency to be wet, so taking an umbrella or a lightweight rain jacket is a must.
  • Summer is busy and sticky, and temperatures can reach up to 97°F, which feels even hotter in the Roman urban heat. Romans leave Rome in summer en masse and head to the beach or cooler climes.
  • Fall is probably the best time to visit Rome as this is harvest season. Temperatures are mild and comfortable, and there’s approximately 3 inches of rain every month.
  • Visiting Rome in December is fascinating as this is when you’ll see the city’s Catholic roots shine. The temperature ranges between 39°F and 46°F, so it’s considerably cooler than the rest of the year. Cafes and restaurants offer outdoor heating, and there’s nothing like sitting outside in the crisp winter in Rome enjoying a glass of mulled wine.

Rome, Italy


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