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Best Nightlife spots in Italy

The Italians know how to have a good time and it’s not uncommon for a real Italian party to go well into the night. Bars, cafes and restaurants are open long into the late evening, and in some cases there’s no set closing time. Italians love noise and a lot of action, so dancing is a given as is a lot of talking. Many of the bars and cafes in Italy’s major cities have late night live music, and if you go where the local go, you’ll hear some of local talent as the open mic phenomenon has just taken off. Drinks tend to be on the expensive side in the touristy areas, especially in Rome and Venice, but if you head out with your local personal guide in Italy, you’ll not only be able to brush up on your Italian, you’ll also get to experience a cheaper better night out the Italian way! Discos, which are known as discoteche, in Italy are a huge business. Typically, these discos are on a number of different floors that play different kinds of music. Again, if you go to the more commercial areas where tourists in Italy tend to migrate towards, you’ll be paying through the roof, so if you’re into a spot of dancing and parties, ask your local Italian guide to show you the way. Entry into the smaller discos costs about €25, which also gets you a drink, but in some of the larger cities of Italy, you can pay anywhere up to €100. Other than using your locali Italian guide, you can also check out some of the local newspapers of the region and entertainment magazines to see what’s going on in your area.

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The Hottest Nightspots in Italy

You’ll notice that the culture during the day and night in Italy is totally different. Every major city in Italy has its own ‘it’ places to head out to and experience great food, wine, cocktails, and parties. One thing’s for sure is that this unique nightlife that you’ll experience in Italy with your local Italian tour guide can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

  • Milan is the place to head to if you want a good night out. Here you’ll find a ton of clubs that are ranked as some of the best in the world. Considered to be the Hollywood of Italy, you’ll rub shoulders with some of Italy’s elite.
  • If you appreciate good food and wine, Rome is the place to go. Make Piazza Navona your destination as this is the place where all the night owls head. For a more lively area where loud music can be heard a couple of streets away, head to Testaccio where you’ll find a host of clubs, salsa bars, and discos.
  • If you’re a fan of electronic music, you’ll love Florence. It’s one of the liveliest cities in Italy when it comes to nightlife and music and it attracts a number of famous international DJs.
  • Sicilian nightlife is probably the most distinctive in the country. Beach bars and outdoor bars offer a range of cheaper cocktails. Don’t be surprised if you’ll end up dancing into the early hours of the morning.



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The Biggest Names of Nightclubs in Italy

  • Kitsch in Florence is a sophisticated bar and a great place to head if you like the finer things. There’s a plethora of yummy cocktails and this is one of the places locals frequent.
  • Black Market in Rome is a hip place in the heart of the happening area of Monti. With dim lighting and vintage-inspired second hand furniture, it’s a cool place to head for a cocktail.
  • Bazeel in Pisa is a well-known place for gathering amongst the locals. This cool café come bar serves breakfast and lunch, and has an impressive range of cocktails from around the world.
  • Addaura Reef in Palermo is a cool laid-back beach bar. Rent an umbrella and deckchair for the day and drink cocktails well into the evening at one of the hippest Italian beach bars.
  • Enoiteca Mascareta is where the locals in Venice go to drink a good glass of wine. This boutique wine bar in Venice is an affordable lively bar with affable hosts.