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Home restaurants in Milan

When it comes to good food and gastronomy, Milan ranks high. Eating out in Milan is how the locals roll. Tourists in Milan tend to stick to the more populated touristy areas of Milan, which tend to be overpriced with sub-standard fare. It you’re looking to sample some of the world’s best food and traditional Italian food, look where the locals are going. Small bistros, micro breweries, and restaurants off the beaten path are preferred by the Milanese.

During the peak season of travel in Milan, such as Milan fashion week (which takes place twice a year), restaurants and eateries are packed, so if you can, plan ahead, do some research and book in advance. There’s seriously no shortage of places to eat in Milan whether it’s a local fast food restaurant or a fine dining experience. Take a culinary journey through Milan and eat like the locals. They’ll head to places where it’s more affordable, but where the quality remains supreme, because after all they are some of the most cultured people in the world.

Just like in the rest of Italy, the Milanese people enjoy a long meal with a couple of bottles of good Italian wine on the go. Lots of talking and laughter can be typically heard from a table of Milanese, and they do know how to have a good time. The cuisine in Milan varies, but it’s worth trying their signature risotto – risotto alla Milanese.

Top home dinners in Milan

Discover the Taste of North Italy


€30.00 p.p.

Milanese Home Dinner


€28.00 p.p.

Milan’s Favorite Food Tour



€43.00 p.p.

Top 10 Restaurants in Milan

  • Taglio on Via Vigevano is a cool informal restaurant with an eclectic menu. It serves popular traditional Milanese and Italian dishes, and it attracts a young hip Milanese crowd.
  • Trattoria da Abele serves some of the most famous Milanese dishes. Its menu is affordable with a range of options, and visitors love the quirky interior.
  • Mangiari di Strada is an informal restaurant where you’ll feel at home and like one of the locals. The simple menu can be found on a small blackboard, and it’s a popular family spot.
  • Wang Jao is a famous Chinese fusion restaurant in the heart of Milan. It’s simple décor and warm atmosphere makes this ethic restaurant a hit with the locals.
  • Al Mercato is a gourmet restaurant in Milan with a twist. You’ll be given the ultimate culinary experience, and the innovative ethnic inspired dishes are divine. Their super torta’s amazing!
  • Latteria San Marco in Brera is not your typical restaurant. Its interior reflects the old-style Milanese world, and it’s one of Milan’s historical restaurants, which is famous amongst celebs, intellectuals, and writers.
  • The Fish Bar on Via Montebello serves delicious fresh seafood: from oysters to a seafood rich broth. Its fusion menu has influences from the Asian and Northern European cuisines.
  • Trattoria Arlati is an original Milanese restaurant serving up authentic dishes such as Cotoletta alla Milanese, a delicious succulent breaded veal cutlet and Osso buco.
  • Carlo Cracco is like no other. The post-industrial building will offer you a great culinary experience in Milan. Dine on a long wooden table together with other guests.
  • Al Pont de Ferr on Milan’s canal is situated in the most popular dining area of Milan. This Michelin starred eatery is perfect if you’re looking for a more intimate meal.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Petra Laura Serena

Da Vinci's Sforza Castle: Skip the Line

We had a perfect time in Sforza Castle with Laura Serena. She knew everything about the people and the history, was very entertaining and we learned a lot about Milans history. Our daughters also enjoyed ot. The only problem in the castle, which isnt Lauras fault: The Da Vinci Fresco is under restoration and can't be watches. Otherwise a great day.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Caroline Francesco

Milan Tour with a Local

Great tour. Lots of quirky interesting facts and great variety of knowledge. Would recommend this tour if you want a good tour of the main focal points of Milan. Loved the interweaving of folklore legends and facts in his narrative and each member of our party of four learned something new.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Sean Salvatore

Milan's Ancient District Tour

I needed a friendly local to show me around Milan's historical center and Salvatore more than fit the bill. He has a great knowledge of Milan's culture, history and local cuisines and I tested him plenty with my questions. Really friendly and patient and a good English.

Thanks Salvatore : ).