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Best Museums in Milan

The locals in Milan love culture, and with any given opportunity, they’ll embrace it. They’re keen on educating themselves and enhancing their cultural knowledge, therefore visiting museums and galleries is popular. Although not as famous for its museums like Rome, Venice, and Florence, Milan does have a surprising amount of museums and galleries to visit.

Milan is a city that blends old and new well. This is visible wherever you go, including museums and galleries. Whatever you’re interested in viewing, there’s either a museum or a gallery in Milan that showcases it. The more popular museums are the ones that house famous Italian works from the renaissance era. The Milanese people appreciate the fine arts, and there’s no shortage of beautiful pieces of architecture that are housing some of the world’s most famous paintings from artists from times gone by. Visiting such museums and galleries will give you a sense of history and culture, and you’ll understand what life was like in Milan in the past.

Not surprisingly, there are also a number of museums in Milan that outline Milan’s incredible affiliation with fashion and haute-couture. These are of particular interest to the locals and also visitors, who head to Italy’s fashion capital for one reason only – fashion!

Milan also has a host of theaters, which double up as museums. Here you’ll be able to travel back in time, learn about the performing arts in Italy, and if you fancy it, you’ll also get the opportunity to take in a show at the same time! With all these museums and theaters, Milan offers fun things to do for everybody!

Top Local Museum Tours in Milan

Discover Milan's Hidden Palace


€14.00 p.p.

Aperitivo Time: Sunsets, Cocktails & Bites



€36.50 p.p.

Milan’s 90 Minutes Kickstart Tour



€11.00 p.p.

Top 10 Museums in Milan

  • Pinacoteca de Brera is Milan’s famous baroque and Renaissance galleries. It is home to more than 500 famous pieces of work that date back to the 14th century.
  • The National Science and Technology Museum in Milan opened in 1954. It’s one of the most important science museums in the world; it’s also educational and interactive.
  • Pinacoteca Ambosiana is a Museum of Fine Arts in Milan. Build by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, you’ll find an impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, etchings and drawings personal donated by the cardinal.
  • Museo del Novecento is home to Milan’s best collection of contemporary art which includes futurism and Arte Povera. From the museum you’ll also be treated to stunning views of the famous Piazza Duomo.
  • Gallerie d’Italia Piazza Scala is a contemporary art museum that showcases work from the 19th and 20th centuries. The gallery/museum spans across three beautiful mansions, which will leave you in awe.
  • Palazzo Reale, which is a modern exhibition space in Milan, can be found in Milan’s former royal palace. Spanning over 7,000m², you’ll be impressed by the refined furnishings and extensive collections.
  • The Museo Teatralle alla Scala can be found in the famous opera house of Milan. It covers Milan’s long history in the arts and theater, and the collections contain over 140,000 pieces.
  • The Last Supper by da Vinci is housed in a church, but you’ll need to pre-book to see the painting. Only 25 people are able to see it at once.
  • Museo delle Culture, known as MUDEC is dedicated to the different cultures of the world. You’ll learn a lot about the history and traditions of many countries.
  • Museo Storico Alfa Romeo is a museum for car lovers. Situated in Arese, you’ll be able to learn the story of Alfa Romeo and see permanent collections exhibiting cars and engines.

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Withlocals guest
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Sandra Salvatore

Milan's Futuristic & Ancient District Tour

Salvatore gave us very knowledgable insights into the city’s interesting and lovely places which we would certainly not have been aware of without him. During our walk through Milan‘s different districts he was the perfect guide to make us wanting to experience and to explore more this wonderful city which we‘ll definitely do during our next stay (already booked;-)
Grazie mille!

Withlocals guest
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Omar Valentina R.

Natural Food & Wine in Milanese Home

Valentina and Marco were attentive and went to great length explaining how every course was prepared. This was the best experience I had while I was in Milan. Another great thing about this, is that if I had gone to a restaurant, I would’ve never ordered a dish with the ingredients they prepare. It really opened my mind on the diversity of flavors on Italian food. Thanks again for having us in your home and an amazing night. We really felt like we were having dinner with long time friends.

Withlocals guest
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Peter Francesco

A customized trip with Francesco

Simply a fantastic experience. Francesco has an unbelievable knowhow about Milano and is a super funny guy. We will book another tour with him, for sure.

Best Historic Museums in Milan

  • Pinacoteca de Brera has been open for a long time, and the Milanese have enjoyed the museum since 1809. Located in Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts, you’ll be privy to masterpieces from Raphael, Bellini, Tinoretto, and Piero della Francessca.
  • The National Science and Technology Museum has a large collection of models and drawings from da Vinci, including a reconstruction of his renowned flying machine. The museum also has a real-life submarine that you can get up close to for an extra cost. Entrance into the museum costs €11.50.
  • Pinacoteca Ambrosiana is located next to the Ambrosiana library, one of Milan’s most historic libraries. Here you’ll find works from Homer and da Vinci, which includes his Codex Atlanticus. Wander around the beautifully ornate building and be impressed with the architecture alone. Tickets start at €19.50 and the museum is closed to the public on Mondays