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Holidays in Milan

Despite being the cultural hub and business center of Italy, the Milanese people are still very traditional and try to uphold as many cultural, political, and religious celebrations as possible. It’s a time when family members come together, feast, celebrate, and remember.

Milan is just as religious as the rest of the country, and religious feasts and celebrations see the city come to a standstill. Everything closes its doors to the public, including all the major tourist sites of Milan. It’s a great opportunity for you to mix with the locals and learn more about their history and culture. Italians are warm and welcoming, and a national or regional holiday is usually celebrated with large family meals at home, religious masses, and parties and parades in the city’s squares.

Things to do during the holidays in Milan

Half Day Biking Tour in South Milan Agricultural Park


€55.00 p.p.

Cheesemaking Workshop with an Artisan


€50.00 p.p.

Milan’s Amazing Aperitivo Tour



€36.50 p.p.

Holidays During the Calendar Year in Milan

  • January: New Year’s is a fun celebration. Locals and tourists meet in the many squares across the city. It’s also an important family time, with many families preferring to stick together. January: January 6th is Epiphany, which is a huge religious feast and celebration in the whole of Italy.
  • March: Equinox is officially the beginning of spring in Milan. It’s a family day where people eat together and do a big spring clean, which helps welcome the better weather.
  • March-April: Good Friday is a day of church and prayer, and it’s not uncommon for really religious families to fast. Easter Sunday is the most important religious holiday of the year. It celebrates Christ’s death and resurrection. Families attend church for their Easter blessings. Easter Monday is an official National Holiday in Milan and the rest of Italy.
  • April 25: Liberation Day in Italy is an important national holiday. It celebrates the end of Mussolini’s dictatorship and Nazi occupation in Italy. Parades, fireworks and commemorative speeches are the usual.
  • May 1: May Day is Labor Day in Italy and it’s usually celebrated by going to a number of festivals and concerts in Milan.
  • June 2: Republic Day, known as Festa della Republica celebrates the demise of the Italian monarchy in 1946. Fireworks and raucous parades are guaranteed.
  • November 1: All Saints’ Day celebrates all of the Catholic Church’s saints. Locals will visit their loved ones and exchange small gifts with each other.
  • December 7: Saint Ambrose’s Day is a regional celebration, which celebrates Milan’s patron saint. Parties, feasts, dancing, and a lot of fun are guaranteed.
  • December 25: Christmas Day celebrates Jesus’ birth. Italian kids write to Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, and families eat a big feast of, goose, pork, turkey, lamb and delicious pasta.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Adriana Salvatore

Milan's Ancient and Futuristic Districts Tour

Without even exaggerating, Salvatore’s approach as a city guide brought in me the feeling of time travelling. To book a walk with him around Milan was definitely a great decision and I strongly recommend to check for yourself. Additionally, he kept me engaged throughout the whole time with interesting facts and stories about the city and Italy as a whole. Spending few hours with Salvatore was not only a pleasure but a great learning experience.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Alan Alisa

Milano Off the Beaten Track!

Wonderful experience. Really enjoyed the tour. Lots of information and a few surprises. Worth the money very friendly guide and knowledgeable.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
dan Sara

Milan's Fashion Outlets with a Personal Shopper

Sara did a wonderful job showing us around and was so much fun to be with. She even gave us dinner recommendations for the next city we were visiting. We really enjoyed our time with her. Sara even helped us with a major problem. My husband had left his cell phone in the taxi we took to meet her. She was able to help us with that and keep us all calm. She’s great!