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Festivals in Milan

Milan festivals are unusual in the sense they can’t usually be tagged as religious and traditional traditions. Milan is by far one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, so it’s no surprise that the city has a very interesting mix of festivals and celebrations. Of course all major religious festivals in Italy do get celebrated, but Milan is one city in Italy that goes beyond religion.

Although, when it comes to tradition in Milan, it’s all centered around the Milan Fashion Week. Although not a nationwide festival, the locals in Milan certainly see fashion week as one. Actually, if you were to talk to any local, they’d quickly argue that the Milan Fashion Week is worthy of its own festival status given the city’s long textile and fashion industry. Get amongst it, dress like a local and try and bag yourself some tickets to the hottest event in Milan. If you don’t manage to get seats to a Milan fashion show, do what the locals do and just go for a nice stroll around Milan’s famous fashion hub. The Milan fashion shows and weeks are held in spring and fall, so these are exciting times to be in the city.

When celebrating festivals in Milan the local way, you’ll have a good time because the locals in Milan know how to have fun. You’ll get to celebrate with music, dancing, parties, and of course traditional Italian food and regional dishes from Milan.

Top Local Offers in Milan

Milanese Home Dinner


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Milan’s Amazing Aperitivo Tour



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Milan’s 90 Minutes Kickstart Tour



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Top 10 Festivals in Milan

  • The Italian Grand Prix is an annual sporting event that attracts huge international and local crowds. Held at the beginning of September, this is a great event if you’re into thrill, speed, and racing.
  • The Festival of Sant’Ambrogio is a huge event celebrated in December. Locals gather at the Sant’Ambrogio Basilica for a celebration and fair.
  • Carnival Ambrosiano is a huge carnival where joyous partying is the priority. It takes place on the first Saturday of Lent, and the date varies depending on when the Catholic Easter is.
  • Corteo dei Re Magi is on January 6th. This religious festival celebrates the three wise men. It’s an old Milanese celebration, and three volunteers lead the parade acting as the wise men.
  • The Milano Film Festival is as important as Fashion Week. Locals enjoy a week of short unedited films directed by local film directors. Held every September, it’s a cool festival to be seen at.
  • Festival Latino Americano starts in the beginning of June. This lively festival is where the Milanese can let their hair down and celebrate everything Latino like the culture, music, and food.
  • The Milan Jazz Festival is great cultural event in Milan that attracts jazz lovers from around the world. Milan’s jazz clubs are famous, and this special celebration begins in November and lasts a month.
  • Del Naviglio is celebrated during the first 10 days of June. The canals are lined with vendors trying to sell a variety of goods. There’s great entertainment also, such as parades and live music.
  • The Furniture Fair in April in Milan is when the city goes into party mode. It’s a large exhibit of furniture from designers around the world, and it’s marked with huge parties and concerts.
  • La Notte Bianca or white night is when everyone comes out to play. This sleepness night is a night of parties where bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and even shops stay open to 6am.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Petra Laura Serena

Da Vinci's Sforza Castle: Skip the Line

We had a perfect time in Sforza Castle with Laura Serena. She knew everything about the people and the history, was very entertaining and we learned a lot about Milans history. Our daughters also enjoyed ot. The only problem in the castle, which isnt Lauras fault: The Da Vinci Fresco is under restoration and can't be watches. Otherwise a great day.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Caroline Francesco

Milan Tour with a Local

Great tour. Lots of quirky interesting facts and great variety of knowledge. Would recommend this tour if you want a good tour of the main focal points of Milan. Loved the interweaving of folklore legends and facts in his narrative and each member of our party of four learned something new.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Sean Salvatore

Milan's Ancient District Tour

I needed a friendly local to show me around Milan's historical center and Salvatore more than fit the bill. He has a great knowledge of Milan's culture, history and local cuisines and I tested him plenty with my questions. Really friendly and patient and a good English.

Thanks Salvatore : ).

Best Local Festivals in Milan

  • La Notte Bianca is held close to the summer solstice when the days start to become longer – it’s a sign for the Milanese that summer’s on the way. Bars, cafes, and restaurants hold their own parties, and entry tickets vary depending on where you go. Not many Milanese will be at home, it’s a day for staying up into the early hours and having fun.
  • Festival Latino Americando held in June to August celebrates everything Latino. Usually held in fields on the outskirts of the city, you’ll get the chance to attend over 60 Latino concerts in Milan. Locals love and welcome other cultures, and there’s a great variety of arts, crafts, and food on sale.
  • Carnival takes place during the follow up to Shrove Tuesday. This religious festival is celebrated all over Italy, and it’s a spectacle and a half. You’ll see the local children of Milan roaming the streets in their bright colored or scary costumes playing pranks on people, such as spraying confetti on strangers. Entry to the carnival is free and locals fill the streets