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Festivals in Italy

Italy has a range of interesting festivals and celebrations, and there’s bound to be something interesting happening every month. In Italy, you’ll find every kind of festival celebrating all walks of life from alternative music festivals to gay pride.
Italy is a very religious country, so a lot of its celebrations do revolve around Catholicism and its saints, but there are also a number of lesser known festivals in Italy. To really understand the culture and the reasoning behind some of these festivals, you need to get a personal tour guide in Italy to show you the ropes and help you celebrate the Italian way and not the mainstream tourist way, because after all you are in Italy.
One thing’s for sure is that the Italians are all about the fun, so whenever there is a festival in town, singing, dancing, drinking, and general partying are guaranteed.

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10 Big Celebrations in Italy

  • Epiphany is a national holiday and it’s celebrated with a lot festivity across Italy. Expect seeing hordes of people in medieval dress making their way to the Vatican.
  • Festa Della Sensa has a lot of political and cultural importance in Venice. This is celebrated with a symbolic boat parade is known as the ‘Wedding on the Sea.’
  • Carnival Ambrosiano is a massive carnival where partying is number one. It takes place during the first Saturday of Lent.
  • Festa alla Donna is a nationwide celebration in Italy celebrating women on March 8. Typically, Italian restaurants have special menus and men gift women with the mimosa flower.
  • Palio dei Somari is held in Siena. This carnival celebration is a huge donkey race between local participating neighborhoods. The race and parade take place on March 19.
  • Festa della Primavera is the Italian spring festival which is held on March 21. The festival marks the first day when the beautiful public gardens open for the year.
  • The Rome Marathon is always held on the third Sunday of March. It begins at the Roman Forum and participants will run past famous Roman landmarks and thousands of spectators.
  • Festa della Liberazione or Liberation Day is held on April 25. It’s a public holiday and there are a number of official ceremonies, which also includes historic reenactments.
  • Festa de’Nontari is a street fair in Rome which takes place during the last 2 weeks of July in Trastevere. It also coincides with the international fashion show held on the Spanish Steps.
  • La Notte Bianca, otherwise known as white night is when everyone parties to the early hours of the next morning.



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Festivities in Italy

  • Festa Della Sensa celebrates the cultural and political expansion of Venice. Celebrated by the sea wedding, all the boats start from the bay area of St. Mark’s. One of the most symbolic moments of the celebration is when a gold ring is tossed into the sea, signifying the expansion of the state. This much-loved festival takes place on the 19th and 20th of May.
  • Festa della Liberazione commemorates the dramatic end of World War II. Towns and cities across Italy hold a number of free concerts and fairs. Many places in Italy still mark the start off the celebrations by ringing bells to remember the freeing of Italy on 25 April, 1945.
  • Notte Bianca is not related to any particular festival, but over the years it’s turned into a huge event. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, and other public amusements stay open late into the night, sometimes not closing until 6am the next morning. Parties are ubiquitous and the sound of cracking fireworks can be heard from afar.