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Climate & Weather in Italy

Italy isn’t a massive country, but despite this, the weather varies greatly. As well as the different points of the country, the different geographical features in Italy also influence the weather. If you travel from the Italian coastline to the country’s mountain ranges, you’ll see the weather change dramatically within a matter of just a few hours. Italy can get really hot and humid, so if you want to avoid the intense Italian heat and the masses of tourists, it’s better to visit Italy any time other than summer.

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Seasons in Italy

  • Winter in Italy has the tendency to be a little dull and wet. The tourist numbers in Italy drops dramatically during the winter, so if you don’t mind a little bit of cold and snow, this would be a good time to visit. There are a number of winter sports you can do in the wintertime, and if you love skiing and snowboarding, winter is the perfect time to go.
  • Spring is the perfect time to visit Italy. This is when things begin to warm up slightly, the temperatures are bearable and the flowers are in bloom. You’ll beat the summer crowds when you choose to travel to Rome in spring, which could be greatly advantageous as things are cheaper and of course less crowded. It does occasionally rain in spring in Italy, but it’s a lot less than in fall.
  • Summer is a busy season with many tourists, festivals, and parties, but at the same time, it can be incredibly hot and sticky, making it almost unbearable. There’s a lot of humidity, especially in the big cities, so sweating and discomfort are inevitable. Another thing to remember is that the Italians tend not to do air conditioning as much as the rest of Europe, so it’s highly possible you’ll have to endure uncomfortable heat during the night as well.
  • Fall in Italy is a great time to travel. There are fewer tourists and the prices begin to drop along with the temperatures. Fall in Italy brings harvest time, and you’ll be able to sample some of the country’s fall favorite foods such as wild mushrooms and truffles. In the earlier part of fall the weather is warm, and it’s possible to head out with just a t-shirt on, however, nights are considerably cooler. During the end of fall it’s much wetter and there’s a certain chill in the air. This is the time of the year when there’s the most rainfall in Italy



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