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Top Attractions in Italy

Italy is a place that’s diverse in every nature. On arrival, you’ll be greeted by the friendly Italians wanting to show you their beautiful country. In terms of a long history and an interesting culture, Italy has a lot to offer. Forget everything you’ve ever heard or seen about Italy until you visit, because visiting this country steeped in history will far surpass all of your expectations.

Italy is a country you’ll never grow bored of and every region has something different to bring to your Italian travel experience. Visiting Italy and trying to see everything, will have you in a spin. You can visit the ancient Roman ruins that will take you back thousands of years ago or you can navigate the winding country roads of Tuscany. To really get the most out of your time in Italy, you need to travel with a local Italian. This is the only way you’ll ever get to learn about the real Italy. Like everywhere else in the world that’s popular with tourists, there are a number of tourist traps that could lead you in the wrong direction or give you an experience that disappoints.

Italians are some of the warmest people in the planet. They’re welcoming and they know how to have a good time. Local Italian guides in Italy will show you their country through the eyes of an Italian – how else are you going to learn where the best Alfredo is served or which road to take when driving to Venice?

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Top 10 Attractions in Italy

  • The Colosseum is a must for any visitors to Italy. Located in the capital, this imposing amphitheater is the largest ever built. If this isn’t impressive enough, it was built during the Roman Empire.
  • The Venice Canal is iconic. Travel to Venice and navigate the canals like they’ve been navigated for centuries. A gondola ride in Venice is a must and you’ll see the country’s romantic charm.
  • Pompeii is a stunning ancient Roman city that has been preserved and frozen in time by the 79 AD eruption. Careful excavations have unearthed houses, whole markets, temples, and even human remains.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa is famous for its flaw. Climb the leaning tower and be treated to an amazing panoramic view across the city.
  • Lake Como is one of the country’s most picturesque areas. Surrounded by picture-perfect mountains and small pretty towns, this is a favorite vacation spot for the rich and famous.
  • The Amalfi Coast in Italy is considered to be a World Heritage Site. The stunning stretch of rugged diverse coastline stretches across the Sorrentine Peninsula.
  • Duomo Santa Maria del Firoe in Florence is a beautiful cathedral dating back to 1434. At 82 m high, this impressive piece of architecture dominates the skyline of Florence.
  • Cinque Terrre, is literally translated as the ‘5 villages’. It’s a picturesque coastal area with steep craggy cliffs and hills. There are plenty of small beaches and picturesque coastal walkways.
  • The Vatican is its own state, and it is home to the pope and the most valuable pieces of art in the world. Visit St. Peter’s and the famous Sistine Chapel.
  • St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice is located in Venice’s most famous piazzas, Piazza San Marco. This impressive piece of architecture contains a number of masterpieces and priceless treasures.



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Famous Attractions in Italy

  • The Colosseum dates back to 80 AD and contains 50,000 seats. This large amphitheater was once where the gladiators fought wild animals and their enemies. Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 69 AD, this was once home to the Titus Games, which lasted over a period of 100 days and nights. Entry into this well-preserved piece of history costs €12.
  • The Venice Canal has a number of men waiting to take you for a long romantic cruise along the intricate canal systems of Venice. A gondola ride is a must and as you pass through the city, you’ll be in awe of the architecture that has a tasteful fusion of: Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque,
  • The Ruins of Pompeii will haunt you, but they’re a must and most probably the most engrossing and interesting archaeological experience you’ll ever have. You can easily make this a day trip from Rome, and tickets cost €20. Imagine what life was back in 79AD before Mt. Vesuvius blew her top and destroyed the entire city.