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Museums in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

There are quite some museums to be found in Jogja, and when travelling the city with a local guide, he or she will probably be able to tell you all about the most amazing collections to visit! Affandi’s paintings will definitely impress you! A whole museum is dedicated to him, where 250 paintings of this amazing artist are displayed. The museum is located on the bank of the Gajah Wong River, and apart from Affandi’s paintings, you can see the vehicles that he used, the house where he lived, the works of other painters he admired, and a gallery to teach painting to talented children. Another great idea would be, after visiting one of the famous leather puppet shadow shows in Yogyakarta, you should pay a visit to the Kekayon museum. It explains all there is to know about the history of the Wayang puppet shows. You can also enter into the world of aircraft - the Dirgantara museum shows you all there is to know about antique aircraft used during WWII. It is even located in the Air Force base.

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Find out all about the Indonesian artist Affandi
  • Dive into the history of the leather puppets – visit the Kekayon Museum
  • Go back to the 20th century and visit the Dirgantara Museum
  • Understand Indonesia’s colonial history and visit Benteng Vredeburg

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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