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Holidays in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Each country has its own holidays. In the United States for example, they celebrate Bacon day on each 30th December. Of course Yogyakarta also has some great special days to offer. In the entire country of Indonesia, there are four different existing religions. Each holy day is celebrated nationally, resulting in a mix of celebrations! It does not matter what religious background a person has, they will be given the day off for festivities.

Check the table below to see which days are celebrated in Yogyakarta. Bear in mind that the dates may vary according to the calendar year!

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Overview of holidays in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Date
    1st of JanuaryNew Year’s Day
    24th of JanuaryBirthday of the Prophet Mohammad
    10th of FebruaryFirst day of the Chinese Calendar
    12th of MarchBalinese Hindu Day of Silence
    29th of MarchChristian Good Friday
    9th of MayChristian Ascension Day
    25th of MayVesak
    6th of JuneAscension of Prophet Muhammad 
    5-7 th of AugustJoint Holiday
    8-9th of AugustEnd of Ramadan fasting month
    17th of AugustIndonesian Independence Day
    14th of OctoberJoint Holiday
    15th of OctoberEid al-Adha (sacrifice feast)
    5th of NovemberIslamic New Year
    25th of DecemberChristmas Day

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