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Festivals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is the cultural center of Java and features at least two experiences that can’t be missed.

Ramayana Ballet Performance
Telling the story about Rajuneana, this traditional show includes all the aspects of Javanese art. **ARTJOG**
This Art Fair takes place every year around the months of June/July and shows fresh contemporary Indonesian art. Art works include those from starting talents as well as established top artists. The atmosphere of ARTJOG is dynamic and open, making it the perfect place to familiarize yourself with the Indonesian artistic culture.

  • theSawah: our home but also a top restaurant
  • Riverside Lunch
  • yogyakarta cultural heritage tour
  • Visit Hinduist and Buddhist Temples
  • Jogja Food Trail Adventures
  • Catch your luck in the sparkle of light
  • Ijen Hiking
  • Exploring city with me
  • Feel Java atmosphere with local
  • Borobudur sunrise and Prambanan sunset
  • Ijen  "BLUE FIRE" Sulphur Lake
  • Find art into pottery
  • yogyakarta cultural heritage tour
  • discover more about central java by cycling t
  • Hiking beautiful Merapi vucano

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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