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Restaurants in uluwatu, Indonesia

Do you live to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant near the sea? And perhaps starry night in the evening? Then Uluwatu is the place on your number 1 list in Bali! CIRE is a great five stars restaurant which serves high quality food which will change your nagging tummy into a happy one. The one who says the sky is the limit is surely never visit this place because while you are enjoying the delicacies, the divining skyline is indulging your appetite. Worth visiting. Another great restaurant is Trattoria Uluwatu. If you miss western foods, this, is the best restaurant for you within the neighborhood of Uluwatu. It is refreshing to be able to eat proper Italian food in Bali. When it comes to dining out, Trattoria is the happening place in Uluwatu. For a fun night out, we would recommend visiting the restaurant on Tuesday night when the live band is playing. Wismasari resto is also a restaurant you might like. In this restaurant, you can eat absolutely delicious food, for a very reasonable price, in a great atmosphere. The sense of outdoor experience and seats made of wooden craft enhances the sense of local experience.

Uluwatu, Indonesia


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Uluwatu, Indonesia.

Uluwatu, Indonesia


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Uluwatu, Indonesia


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