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Things-to-do in Ubud, Indonesia

Apart from beautiful beaches, temples and shops, Ubud has to offer more. A nice thing to do in Ubud is attending the Kecak Fire & Trance Dance. This is one massive show and definitely a must-see. People are dressed in beautiful costumes. The locals will also tell you a story about their show. This all is complemented with fire and a beautiful sunset.

The Bali Spirit Festival is another to go to event as it includes yoga, dancing, massages and music. These activities connect tourists to locals, which you must try out when you are in Bali.

Another nice thing to do in Ubud is the Rice Field Walk. Enjoy the nature and have a walk through the rice fields near Ubud. You can see the real local life when locals are working at the fields. Definitely worth it! If you want to take the extra mile (and we definitely encourage you to do so!) talk to the local workers and ask them if it´s ok to join them - how many times did you experience this before?

Ubud, Indonesia


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Ubud, Indonesia.

Ubud, Indonesia


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Ubud, Indonesia


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