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Markets in kuta, indonesia

If you want to go souvenir-hopping, visit the Art Market in Kuta Square. Here you can find lots of cheap and traditional Balinese souvenirs like masks, shirts, shells, sarongs and carved creatures. Shopping at this Market, is a real challenge. If you are a good bargainer, you will be able to reduce the price with 10 to 40%. Thus, come to the Art Market and show your bargaining skills! If you are a little bit shy, you can always ask your personal WithLocal guide to help you.

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  • Bali best sights
  • Trekking Jatiluwih rice terrace

Tips for bargaining: Kuta, Indonesia

  • Don’t feel uncomfortable: Local sellers do expect it, they love it!
  • Don’t buy your souvenirs in the first shop
  • Use shocked and amazed expressions when you hear the initial price
  • Show some flaws in the product
  • Start low and be positive
  • Be willing to walk away: they have the same products in every shop
  • Use some local language

Kuta, Indonesia


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Kuta, Indonesia


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Kuta, Indonesia


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