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Things to do in India

It’s possible you may have heard about the enchanted backwaters of Kerala and you plan on exploring the natural beauty in a boat. But how about we up the ante and get you into a snake boat race instead? You see, one of the other things Kerala is famous for is its festival extravaganzas involving elephants, elaborate religious rituals, lots of food, and...snake boat races.

Speaking of temples and festivals, one of the things that Tamil Nadu is famous for are its extraordinary collection of historic temples. You can hop around in luxury buses and take the usual group tour of the more famous temples, or you can choose to do it devotee-style - arduous experiences where the Gods reward you for the extreme hardships faced in reaching the temple. For example, you can drop in on the Six Houses of Lord Muruga located in six different places, one of which is up on a hill in Thiruthani (just outside Chennai) with 365 steps separating you from your reward.

Are you in Mumbai? From a foodie tour of Mumbai’s favorite street foods to a fun-filled day of ‘theme-parking’ at Essel World, there’s something in Mumbai for tourists of all stripes and budgets. You can go street shopping in Chor Bazaar or hang out with Bollywood stars and other famous personalities at the high-end malls and clubs in Malabar Hill, Juhu, Bandra and Colaba.

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Top 10 things to Do in India

  • Street Food Tour - If you don’t eat vada pav in Thane or pani puri or bhel puri at Chowpatty or Juhu Beach, your Mumbai experience is going to be just that tiny little bit incomplete.
  • Bollywood Tour - Taking a trip to Film City is one of the unique experiences that you can get only in Mumbai and nowhere else.
  • Pilgrimage - More than anything else, South India is a land of temples. Sure you can go to the popular temple towns like Rameshwaram and Tirupati, but you can just as well follow the locals on their arduous pilgrimage experiences such as a trip to the Six Houses of Lord Muruga.
  • Snake Boat Race - If you visit Kerala and don’t participate or least see one snake boat race, then you sort of wasted the trip. If you can’t find one, just head for the nearest temple and ask the priest.
  • Foodie Exploration - Another thing that often gets left off the menu on tourist group tours is the food. A biryani tasting tour in Hyderabad is something you’re going to remember all your life.
  • Religious Tour - Mumbai’s collection of magnificent historic temples, mosques, churches, synagogues, gurudwaras and Parsi fire temples will keep you occupied all day long.
  • Getting Religion in Kochi - Fort Kochi has plenty of tourist attractions like the Chinese Fishing Nets and the seafood markets, but the thing to do that you probably won’t see in tourist brochures is a tour of the beautiful churches and synagogues in Fort Kochi.
  • Tiger Stare-Down - Wildlife safaris don’t get any better than this. You’ll be getting up-close and personal with tigers in the wild in Bandipur National Park or at the Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • Madras Croc Bank - They don’t have any cashiers, but they sure have a huge gang of nasty crocodiles that will eat anything that gets close. This is eight and a half acres of land south of Chennai that is home to over 2500 reptiles.
  • Wonderla Amusement Park - If you happen to be in Bangalore or Kochi and you’re bored with the usual tourist schtick, what do you do? Head for Wonderla and have fun screaming on the rides and splashing around in the water parks.



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3 Things you cannot miss in India

  • Street Food Tour - Vada pav, pav bhaji, batata wada-sambar, pani puri, bhel puri and other such lip-smacking fast-foods is what a whole lot of people survive on in Mumbai. Your own Mumbai experience will be just that tiny little bit incomplete unless you get a taste of vada pav in Thane and pani puri and bhel puri at Juhu or Chowpatty.
  • Bollywood Tour - Taking a trip to Film City is one of the unique experiences that you can get only in Mumbai and nowhere else. Bollywood is the world’s biggest film producing machine, and 60% of it is done in Mumbai, and a whole lot of that happens at Film City in Goregaon. You can get an official 2-hour hour which includes drinks and time spent gawking at the stars shooting on film sets.
  • Pilgrimage - You can’t really speak to the Gods in India’s temples unless you show some grit. Get off the air-conditioned buses and start following the locals on arduous pilgrimages. One such option is a visit to the Six Houses of Lord Muruga, located in six different places in Tamil Nadu The shrine in Thiruthani is actually high up on a hill, which you can reach by climbing 365 steps.