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Things to do in Mumbai, India

Mumbai is where people from all over India go to make their dreams come true, and so can you. If you have any vacation dreams that remain unfulfilled, you can be sure Mumbai is going to help you. From a foodie tour of Mumbai’s favorite street foods to a fun-filled day of ‘theme-parking’ at Essel World, there’s something in Mumbai for tourists of all stripes and budgets. You can go street shopping in Chor Bazaar or hang out with Bollywood stars and other famous personalities at the high-end malls and clubs in Malabar Hill, Juhu, Bandra and Colaba.

You can hang out at historic Irani cafes all over Mumbai or at one of the fast-food stalls at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and do some people watching - just let the crowds flow by and watch Mumbai at work. You can take a drive on Marine Drive and go to Nariman Point to gawk at the towering heights of the Taj Mahal Hotel and other skyscrapers that are the hub of India’s financial sector. You can just as well take an organized and guided reality tour of Dharavi - one of the world’s biggest slums.

You can go to Goregaon to see Bollywood song and dance routines and action sequences being choreographed at Film City, and you can segue over to Aarey Milk Colony to see how Mumbai’s milk gets packaged and delivered.

  • Authentic Maharashtrian Savouring Delicacies
  • Hands On Curry - Cook the Indian Way!!!!
  • Religious Mumbai.
  • Candid photography to capture your moments
  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (Suburb Tour)
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  • Kayaking & Camping Experience
  • Hands On Curry - Cook the Indian Way!!!!
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  • The best kept secrets of Mumbai's Local Food
  • Some true Indian flavors....
  • Sample the Delicacies of Zoroastrian Food
  • The best kept secrets of Mumbai's Local Food
  • Candid photography to capture your moments
  • Hands On Curry - Cook the Indian Way!!!!

Traveling through Mumbai, India

  • Locals –As a tourist, you’re only likely to use the central and western lines. There are fast locals and slow locals on both routes, and the fast ones stop only at some of the stations. Each train has first-class carriages that are less crowded, and some carriages are set aside for women. If possible, avoid the rush hour crowds by traveling between 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Tourist Pass – The lines to buy tickets for local train travel can be very long, but you can skip the line and save money by getting an unlimited tourist pass in advance for one day, three days or five days.
  • BEST – BEST is the organization that runs the city’s buses. Bus routes run all over the city, the buses turn up on time and very frequently, and the process of getting in and out is rather more civilized.
  • Cabs and Rickshaws – Cabs and rickshaws run on meters in Mumbai, unlike other cities where people have to negotiate the fare. You can safely get in to a cab or rickshaw and just say where you want to go, and you should reach safely. It’s going to be much more expensive and time-consuming than taking a local.
  • Cool Cab – Air-conditioned cool cabs are quite common in Mumbai, and you can book it online or call them up on your phone to pick you up.
  • Car Rentals – You can book a rental car and drive it yourself. Every major company from Avis to Hertz, and a gazillion local companies, have rental car counters and garages at the airport and in the city.

Mumbai, India


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Mumbai, India


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Mumbai, India


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Top 3 things to do in Mumbai, India

  • Street Food Tour - Vada pav, pav bhaji, batata wada-sambar, pani puri, bhel puri and other such lip-smacking fast-foods is what a whole lot of people survive on in Mumbai. Your own Mumbai experience will be just that tiny little bit incomplete unless you get a taste of vada pav in Thane and pani puri and bhel puri at Juhu or Chowpatty.
  • Bollywood Tour - Taking a trip to Film City is one of the unique experiences that you can get only in Mumbai and nowhere else. Bollywood is the world’s biggest film producing machine, and 60% of it is done in Mumbai, and a whole lot of that happens at Film City in Goregaon. You can get an official 2-hour hour which includes drinks and time spent gawking at the stars shooting on film sets.
  • Ride the Local Train - Locals in Mumbai refers to the electric trains that run on the central, western and harbor lines. It’s hard to get in, and even harder to get out once you’re in. If you want an experience in Mumbai that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life, try boarding a local heading towards CST on the central line in the morning between 9-10 am, or the other way in the evening.