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Restaurants in Mumbai, India

Mumbai is India’s ethnic melting pot, and you’ll find ethnic restaurants from all parts of India here. Loads of people from every part of the country land up in Mumbai every single day, and the Mahanagri then manage to feed all of them to their satisfaction.

The Udipi hotels all over Matunga and the rest of Mumbai offer idli, dosa, masala dosa, wada-sambar and other popular South Indian breakfast dishes. The Maharashtrian hotels (hotels in local conversation refers to restaurants) offer batata vadas for snacks and dal-rice plates called thalis for afternoon meals, and this is what you’ll find if you end up in the homes of your new Marathi friends. North Indian restaurants will offer spicy vegetarian dishes, dal fry, chicken curry, biryani, kababs and other famed tandoori and Punjabi dishes.

The Udipi, North Indian and Maharashtrian hotels are all quite common and you’ll bump into one of them if you take a walk around most any commercial neighborhood. Another Mumbai special are the old Irani cafes where people hang out all day for tea, khari biscuits and bun musca (buttered buns sliced in half). You’ll see these historic cafes on street corners in the western suburbs.

But what really sustains Mumbai’s teeming millions is the street food and large canteens that serve a mix of local and ethnic foods from across the country which the city has acquired a taste for. You’ll find a gazillion street vendors making and selling huge quantities of vada-pav, pav bhaji, puri bhaji, misal pav and other such fast foods that are affordable and yet filling enough to serve as a full meal. These are the foods that Mumbai lives on, and every self-respecting foodie who wants to get a taste of Mumbai must try out a spicy vada pav and wipe the bhaji off a plate of pav-bhaji with the last remaining bites of the pav.

  • Authentic Maharashtrian Savouring Delicacies
  • Sindhi Traditional Food with Sindhi Family
  • Authentic Maharashtrian Savouring Delicacies
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  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (CityTour)
  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (Suburb Tour)
  • Sindhi Traditional Food with Sindhi Family
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  • The best kept secrets of Mumbai's Local Food
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  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (CityTour)
  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (Suburb Tour)
  • Mumbai in Mumbai style (CityTour)
  • Authentic Maharashtrian Savouring Delicacies

Top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai, India

  • Ramanayak Udipi - One of the top Udipi hotels in Mumbai for idli, dosa, wada and other South Indian foods and full rice plates (thali meals). Located at Shri Krishna Boarding on Lakhamsi Nappu Rd, near Matunga East Station
  • Mani’s Lunch Home - People come here from all over Mumbai for the excellent South Indian food. Located near the Matunga Post Office at Telang Rd, Brhmanwada, Matunga
  • Mee Marathi - A famous place for a full Maharashtrian thali meal and other Marathi foods or pav bhaji, washed down with tea (chaha or chai). Located on Shree Parleshwar Rd, in Vile Parle East.
  • Mama Kane - Tiny place for mouth-watering authentic Maharashtrian food close to Dadar Station, with a sea of humanity flowing by at any given time of the day. Located on Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West.
  • Copper Chimney - Well-known North Indian restaurant famous for its delicious kababs, chicken dishes and other tandoor-cooked items. Original location on Dr. Annie Besant Road in Worli, but it’s a chain now with several franchise outlets in different locations in Mumbai
  • Delhi Darbar - Another famous North Indian restaurant in Mumbai which claims to offer Mumbai’s best biryani. Located on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Rd in Colaba.
  • Kyani Cafe - Irani cafe that’s over 100 years old now. Located at Jermahal Estate in Lohar Chawl, Marine Lines.
  • Yazdani Bakery - Another historic Irani Cafe perfect for taking a break with chai and bun musca after a day of exploring the Fort area. Located on Cawasji Patel Road, Fort.
  • Gajanan Vada Pav - Your foodie tour of Mumbai would be incomplete unless you eat vada pav in Thane. Try Gajanan Vada Pav at Chhatrapati Sambhaji Rd, Thane West.
  • Sardar Pav Bhaji - One of Mumbai’s most famous pav bhaji outlets. Located in Janata Nagar, Tardeo.

Mumbai, India


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Mumbai, India


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Top 5 dishes in Mumbai, India

  • Vada Pav - A famous street food - it’s India’s veggie version of a hot dog. It’s cheap and spicy and you get kind of addicted to it after a while.
  • Pav Bhaji - Another spicy Mumbai creation that’s turned into a regular afternoon and evening meal for street food lovers.
  • Idli Sambar and Dosa - Idlis and dosas are South Indian creations, but Mumbaikars love it just as much.
  • Batata Vada-Sambar - Mumbai has mixed its own vada with the South Indian sambar to come up with a hybrid dish that’s ragingly popular in a lot of restaurants.