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Things to Do in Kochi, India

Kochi, despite the dense population and its place as the urban center of trade and commerce in Kerala, is still a pretty laid-back place as major cities go. You do have nightlife hotspots and clubs, but prohibition and the need to wrap up the night before midnight makes it wee bit hard to paint the town red, so to speak.

There’s no shortage of shopping malls and boutiques for the serial shopaholic on M.G. Road and Marine Drive and in Fort Kochi, but what you really want to do in Kochi is a lot more unorthodox. You stay in boathouses and take boat rides in the backwaters. You go island hopping to see Cherai Beach, Bolgatty Palace and other such treasures in a city that is, after all, partly comprised of islands and a peninsula. You take religious tours of the top temples, churches and synagogues. You take palace tours, museum tours, and check out the historic neighborhoods like Jew Town and Princess Street.

The food in Kochi is also well worth a couple of foodie tours. You can go hunting for traditional Kerala cuisine with fish curries and delightful vegetable dishes, or get a taste of street food at the thattukadas and seafood stalls. Kochi also happens to be a great base for an exploration of the entire region. You can visit revered locations nearby such as Kalady - birthplace of the Adi Shankara. Another popular day trip destination is Bhootathankettu - this is a dam on the Periyar River that is popular among the locals for picnics and outdoor holidays. Oh, and Kerala is also a popular medical tourism destination for Ayurvedic treatments and spa retreat experiences.

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  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
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  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
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Top 10 Things to Do in Kochi, India

  • Fort Kochi History Tour – This tour includes the Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi Beach, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church, Princess Street and other such delightful and well-preserved locations
  • Mattancherry History Tour – This tour includes stunning attractions like the Dutch Palace and Paradesi Synagogue, along with antique shopping in Jew Town
  • Backwaters Boathouse Cruise – You get to explore the famed Kerala backwaters from the comfort of your own private boathouse.
  • Museum Tours – Kochi has an interesting set of museums, if you’re a history buff leaning towards being a nerd. The two must-visit ones are the Hill Palace Museum and the Indian Naval Maritime Museum.
  • Island Hopping – Kochi is a small strip of mainland Kerala, a peninsula and a collection of islands on the Vembanad Lake. Some of the islands like Vypeen and Willingdon are being developed as tourist resort hotspots with beaches, casinos, hotels, restaurants and other tourist services.
  • Foodie Tour – The foods and dishes of Kochi are alone well worth the trip. Meen curries, masala dosas, biryanis, and the vegetable dishes are all unforgettable memories of your visit.
  • Shopping – The typical tourist trinkets and antiques you can get in the shops at Jew Town and Princess Street. If you’re looking for malls or boutiques, you want to stick to MG Road or Fort Kochi
  • Kathakali Performance – Kathakali is Kerala’s traditional dance, complete with colorful costumes and ornate masks and face paint. But keep a watch on the performer’s eyes, because that’s how you get the story.
  • Medical Tourist Experience – Kerala is famous for its Ayurvedic clinics and traditional massage providers. If you need physical and mental rejuvenation, take a day out in between your tourist trips to get a full massage and an Ayurvedic ‘check-up.’
  • Day Trips – You can take day trips to explore wildlife and nature at Kumarakom and Thekkady, and check out how elephants are trained at the Kodanadu Ana Thothil (Kodanadu School for Elephants - for real!) along the banks of the Periyar River.

Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Top 3 Local Things to Do in Kochi, India

  • Fort Kochi History Tour – A history tour of Fort Kochi is a must for every visitor in Kochi. The Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi Beach, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church, Princess Street and other such delightful and well-preserved locations will take you back in time a few hundred years.
  • Mattancherry History Tour – Yet another historic area choc-a-bloc full of all kinds of very old and still stunning attractions like the Dutch Palace and the Paradesi Synagogue and the antique shops in Jew Town.
  • Backwaters Boathouse Cruise – This is a typical Kerala tourist experience, where you can explore the backwaters from the comfort of your own private boathouse. Very popular among honeymoon couples who come here from all over India to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the backwaters in total comfort and luxury.