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Shopping in Kochi, India

Shopping in Kochi is an exciting experience, as long as you’re prepared to tramp around all over the place. The malls and boutiques where you can buy trendy clothes and designer branded accessories and goods are mostly on MG Road. Broadway is a maze of alleys and streets, with each alley or street constituting a separate market. Mattancherry is the best place for tourists looking for trinkets and curios and the odd stuff that people pick up as mementos. Specifically, you will a whole bunch of antique shops and art galleries in Jew Town, along with the spice market. Princess Street is likewise a good place for finding a lot of tourist-friendly shops.

If you’re wondering what you should buy, then the things that Kochi is most famous for are its banana chips, silk emporiums and jewelry shops selling exquisite gold and silver jewelry studded with precious stones. Well, that’s true of most cities in South India, but Kochi really does have a whole lot of this. You’ll find massive jewelry shops at Jewel Junction on MG Road. The hard and salty yellow banana chips wrapped in clear plastic can be purchased all over the city at specialty ‘chips’ stores. One packet of chips can last a long, long time (like months) – if you don’t end up eating all of it before you get on a plane.

  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
  • Cook food Serve love
  • Explore the magic of East Indian Cuisine
  • Best of India in a Maharaja style
  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
  • Taste the Authentic Flavours of India
  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
  • Best of India in a Maharaja style
  • Taste the Authentic Flavours of India
  • Cooking a traditional dish
  • Mouth watering traditional vegetarian lunch

Top 10 Shopping Malls and Boutique Shops in Kochi, India

  • LuLu Mall – Massive mall at the Edappally Bypass spread across 1.7 million square feet with more than 215 retail, food and beverage and entertainment outlets, plus a multiplex and other facilities.
  • Oberon Mall – Another popular Edappally mall near the NH bypass with eight large anchor stores and another 80 odd international brands spread over 350,000 square feet.
  • Centre Square – Strategically located on MG Road, this 500,000 square feet mall offers the finest in Indian and international fashion, along with food courts, a gaming zone, multiplex and other hangouts
  • Nucleus Mall – This shopping mall in Maradu is India’s first LEED certified green mall, offering 122 brands across six floors. Ideal for a hassle-free suburban shopping experience in Kochi.
  • Grande Gold Souk – Name notwithstanding, this is actually a shopping mall in Vyttila with more than 150 stores
  • Anokhi – Boutique for buying Indian dresses and outfits. Located in Fort Kochi at the intersection of Lilly and Parade Roads.
  • Manvi – Handmade embroidered dresses, shirts and pants. Located in Fort Kochi on Napier St.
  • Cinnamon – Boutique on Ridsdale Road in Fort Kochi for stylish dresses and scarves
  • Seemati – A trendy designer boutique store on MG Road where you can buy sarees in unique designs and materials that you won’t find in the silk emporiums and shopping malls
  • Kasavukada – Best place in Kochi to buy handloom sarees and other handloom dresses for women, and ethnic men’s wear like the mundu too. Located on Church Landing Rd in Pallimukku.

Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Top 10 Local Products and Shops in Kochi, India

  • Silks – Visitors don’t leave South India without buying at least one traditional silk dress.
  • Jewelry – Huge shops covering entire buildings cater to hundreds of customers and provide all kinds of artistic jewelry in gold and silver, often studded with precious stones.
  • You get these little plastic bags of hard yellow salted chips that are simply irresistible once you start eating them.
  • Kalyan Silks – One of South India’s most famous silk saree and traditional Indian wear stores.
  • Jayalakshmi Silks – Go-to place for bridal wear and all kinds of silks. Located on MG Road.
  • Alapatt Gold – One of Kochi’s most well known jewelers, located at Jewel Junction on MG Road
  • Malabar Gold – Another well known shop at Jewel Junction. This one also has a huge watch collection