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Nightlife in Kochi, India

Kochi’s streets, unlike other large South Indian cities such as Bangalore or Chennai, are not that friendly to night owls and party animals. On the contrary, the city has shut down all its bars that had liquor licenses – this means you either bring your liquor in from outside, or take a trip out to get drunk There’s no beer culture because the government won’t allow any breweries to open. You can still get beer and alcoholic drinks at clubs and party venues at the luxury hotels and resorts, but there’s a 11 p.m. cut-off time after which no alcohol will be served. Oh, and night parties have to end at midnight, or the cops will come and bust it up.

If you’re wondering where the nightlife is here, you have a narrow window of about 3-4 hours after dusk. This is when the clubs and dance floors at the large hotels on MG Road and Marine Drive come alive and people try to pack in as much nightlife fun as they can before closing time. With DJs rocking the place down, some of it gets pretty interesting. Think the Ava Lounge at the Dream Hotel in Kadavanthra, Tandav at Le Meridien in Maradu, or Loungevity at the Hotel Avenue Regent on MG Road.

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Top 10 Nightclubs in Kochi, India

  • Tandav – As the name suggests (Tandav is a mythical dance by the Lord Shiva), this club at Le Meridien is a place where you can cut loose and shake a leg.
  • Ava Lounge – Named after Ava Gardner, this is more of an upscale and sophisticated nightlife watering hole at the Dream Hotel in Kadavanthra.
  • Loungevity – One of Kochi’s first westernized lounge bar and pub combination.
  • Glow – One of Kochi’s few discotheques, this is a large place where the beer and hot drinks flow and you can sway with the pounding music and psychedelic lights.
  • Coktayle Lounge Bar – Head over to the hotel’s Coktayle Lounge Bar for drinks.
  • Matancherry Bar – This is the bar/lounge at the Vivanta by Taj on Willingdon Island. It’s a high-end place where you can sit and drink in style and enjoy the good service.
  • Club 11 Hundred – Discotheque and huge bar across three levels with good food at the Ramada Cochin Resort. The disco is open only on Friday and the weekends.
  • Couchyn – Clever name for a bar, and they follow up with good food and free-flowing drinks. This is the bar at the Grand Hotel on MG Road.
  • Swirl – This is the bar at the Gateway Hotel on Marine Drive. It’s a Taj Hotel and a nice place to hang out in the evening if you’re exploring Marine Drive and need to take a break.
  • Seagull – The closest thing that Kochi has to a wine or beer bar.

Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Fun nights in Kochi, India

Your choices are pretty simple in terms of where to party. You can stick to a single resort like Vivanta by Taj –Malabar on Willingdon Island. It has the Matancherry Bar and a bunch of party venues and restaurants where you can cut loose until 11-12 pm. If you don’t want to be stuck in a single hotel and prefer to go club-hopping, then consider staying close to Marine Drive or somewhere on MG Road. For example, you can bounce around between Loungevity at the Avenue Regent, Couchyn at the Grand, and the Coktayle Lounge Bar and Glow Discotheque at the Hotel Harbour View – all on MG Road.