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Markets in Kochi, India

The markets you’ll find in Kochi aren’t exactly the kind of tame grocery and foods/ produce markets you might see in other places. These are specialty markets such as the spice market in Jew Town. The Broadway markets, sandwiched between MG Road and Marine Drive, are ironically narrow streets and alleyways dedicated to specific types of goods. The name goes back to a time when the road was the widest one in Kochi. Then MG Road came along and Broadway now doesn’t seem so broad.

You have wholesalers and retail shops in old buildings with sloping roofs packed end to end on each street and alley leading in and out of Broadway. You’ll find an entire street packed with stores selling utensils, and another one will have a ton of shops selling shoes. Others are known for oils, clothes, furniture, books, electronic parts, spices, toys, bicycles, and just about everything you could possibly need.

MG Road likewise has its own birds of the same feather flocking about at specific locations. For instance, Jewel Junction has a collection of huge jewelry stores. Shenoys Junction on MG Road is known for its equally large silk emporiums. Penta Menaka is where you go for mobile phones, and Ravipuram is the local computer parts market.

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  • Cooking a traditional dish
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  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
  • Mesmerizing Kerala.
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Top 10 Markets Kochi, India

  • Broadway – This is a collection of individual markets on streets and alleys leading in and out of Broadway. One entire street will be selling utensils, while another one offers nothing but furniture, and so on.
  • Convent Junction – You can get all kinds of branded cosmetics products here at prices lower than what you would pay in large malls or fashion boutiques.
  • Spice Market – It’s a historic market in Jew Town, Mattancherry, where trucks and push carts loaded with ginger, cloves, turmeric, cardamom and pepper snake in and out of the warehouses.
  • Antique shopping – Kochi’s antique market is also in Jew Town, around the Paradesi Synagogue. If you are looking for curios and souvenirs to take back with you, this antique market is a good place to poke around
  • Penta Menaka – This whole complex on Marine Drive is packed with mobile phone vendors and shops. Anything to do with mobile phones should be available here.
  • Jewel Junction – This place on MG Road is where the top jewelry stores in Kochi are located. If you plan to buy traditional South Indian gold ornaments in Kochi for a wedding or gift, you’d be visiting one of the stores here.
  • Grande Gold Souk – Speaking of weddings, this is a huge shopping center at Vyittila Junction that caters specifically to wedding shoppers. This means South Indian weddings, which are ornate multi-day affairs requiring silks, jewelry, hundreds of banana leaves, all kinds of utensils, an unbelievable amount of food, and a whole bunch of things you may have never heard of.
  • Shenoys Junction – The largest silk emporiums in Kochi such as Jayalakshmi Silks and huge new clothes shopping centers like My Kingdom are all located at Shenoys Junction.
  • Pallimukku – This is where Kochi’s electronics market is located. This means electronics parts and components
  • Ravipuram – This is where all the computer hardware shops and sellers are located. You can buy all the parts you need to make your own computer here.

Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Kochi, India


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Top 3 Local Markets in Kochi, India

  • Broadway – Sandwiched between MG Road and Marine Drive is a huge sprawl of individual markets linked to Broadway. The name doesn’t mean much now, because the alleys and streets are quite narrow, and you’ll find that each one has stores and street vendors all focused on one specific industry. The Footwear Bazaar to the northwest sells only shoes, slippers and other footwear. One whole street will be selling utensils, while another one will have stores selling furniture, and so on.
  • Convent Junction – This is where women in Kochi get all their cosmetics and makeup accessories. You can get all kinds of international brand-name cosmetics products at prices that are far lower than what you would pay in large malls or upscale fashion shopping boutiques.
  • Spice Market – This is in Jew Town, Mattancherry. It’s a historic market and you’ll know you’re there by the tantalizing smell of spices that hangs heavy in the air. Trucks and push carts loaded with ginger, cloves, turmeric, cardamom and pepper snake in and out of the warehouses, and you’ll see workers busy sorting and packing it.