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Climate in India

The best time to visit South India is in Oct-Dec. The winters are mild (pleasantly warm) and there’s no rain. January and February are pleasant enough and there’s no rain, but it’s just not as much fun as the Oct-Dec holiday season. It’s dry and cool, and the streets are packed with shoppers and festival events that fall one after the other. The South India you get to see in the last quarter is vastly different from the empty summer streets in May-June and the months of rain that follow.

Many tourists try to bravely do their traveling through the summer heat, but you’re likely to go back somewhat negatively dazzled by the Indian summer.The rainy season is likewise a hassle. Roads turn into rivers and the sidewalks are often slush and garbage overflowing from the drains. Potholes are filled with water and you can’t see how deep a hole it is. October is an odd time when it’s alternately hot and dry or drizzly and overcast, but it’s still much better than the summer or rainy season.

The climate in South India varies widely depending on which place you’re in. Bangalore and its surroundings in Karnataka are well-known for the moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year. The average temperature in Bangalore is 59.7 °F (15.4 °C) in December and the average high in the summer is 97 °F (36 °C). Chennai and most parts of Tamil Nadu are just as famous for the sweltering heat - as high as 113 °F (45 °C). The weather in Kochi and other cities and areas of Kerala is much nicer, but more humid and it rains more than in the other southern states. Andhra Pradesh and Telengana are dry and hot, and you don’t really want to experience the summer heat in Hyderabad - max recorded 114 °F (45.5 °C) - unless you have to.

Mumbai is a coastal cityso climate is almost always humid and moderately hot. Whether it’s winter, summer or the rainy season, it’s a good bet that’ll you’ll be sweating a lot when you’re outside. But the monsoons in Mumbai are something special. It starts raining suddenly and will be pouring before you know it. The rains often shut down transportation and turn the streets in the lower-lying areas into rivers. Think seriously if you’re up for it before booking your tickets!

Best suggestion: ask your private host what they recommend and if your selected traveling dates will actually be fun. Always trust a local, right?

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