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Tours and Activities in India

India is a magical and exotic place to visit for tourists, and South India is where the magic, the natural beauty, touristic attractions and the local culture will give you the most. Join one of the private local tours to experience the magnificent beauty of this region. From the urban pleasures of Chennai and Bangalore (Bengaluru) to the serene back waters and beautiful beaches of Kerala and the old-world charm and biryani rice of Hyderabad, you have a whole lot of must-visit destinations which private tours can bring to. But it’s the people and the food and culture that will really bowl you over and make you want to stay here forever. Everyone speaks English very well, and strangers on the street will stop and help you figure out the way to your hotel. Every meal is a feast, and you will never forget a multi-course rice meal spread on a large banana leaf with half a dozen different vegetables, sambar and all kinds of other spicy chutneys and curries, and at least two or three different desserts.
You’ll need to plan the trip properly if you want to soak in all the major attractions, activities and destinations across all the South Indian states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. You can easily join ordinary tour buses and tour groups to explore these locations but there is another option. Why not let a real local show you around, acquaint with culture and show the hidden gems of the place? Join one of the private tours led by local hosts to have a time of your life in India.

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  • Sample the Delicacies of Zoroastrian Food
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Tips for your stay in India

  • Local Language – The native language spoken in each state is different (yes, for real…). You’ll be hearing Tamil in Tamil Nadu, Malayalam in Kerala, Telegu in Andhra Pradesh, and Kannada in Karnataka.
  • Talk in English – People across different states talk to each other in English, so you should do the same.
  • Talk Slowly – The speed at which people speak English is very slow, and they won’t understand a word you say unless it’s spoken slowly, at their pace.
  • Asking for a Hotel – A hotel here actually means a restaurant where you go to eat meals. Don’t ask why… You need to specify the name of a hotel, or tell them you need a “lodge” or just say you need a place to stay.
  • Hindi – Hindi is the country’s official language, but rarely used anywhere in South India. Most people do understand it, though, so you can learn a few basic phrases in Hindi that might come in useful in all the states. It’s easier than having to learn these phrases in four different languages.
  • Anna - The word “Anna” is commonly used all over the South. It’s a mark of respect (like “Sir”) for someone who is older or more respectable. It means that if you start a conversation by calling someone Anna, they’ll be very helpful to you.



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Unique Tours in India

  • Temple Tours and Festivals – For an amazing dose of religious fervor at historic temples in South India, look up places like Thrissur, Sabarimala and Guruvayoor in Kerala; Tirupati Balaji in Andhra Pradesh; Madurai, Rameshwaram and Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu; and the Murudeshwara Shiva Temple in Murudeshwar, Karnataka.
  • Beat the Heat – Depending on when you visit, the weather is going to be pleasantly warm to blazing hot. Thankfully, South India has the jungles of Mysore and the hill-station chill in Ooty to help you cool off and recover from the heat.
  • Island Holiday – You have thousands of miles of coastal mainland, but if you must escape to an island paradise, try Lakshadweep in the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, off the Kerala coast. Other options in Kerala include one of the several tourist-friendly islands in Kochi, or the sleepy and beautiful Munroe Islands in the Kollam District. Another option is the aforementioned historic temple island of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, located midway between India and Sri Lanka.
  • Adventures and Thrills – Snake boat racing in Kerala is as thrilling as a Formula 1 race, if not better. An auto rickshaw ride in the streets of Chennai is sure to be memorable.