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Are you planning to travel to Budapest? It’s a very lively city in the heart of Europe that has plenty of things to do, and even more to discover. But where to start? How to capture the real features of Budapest?

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There are so many famous and beautiful spots to visit when you travel to Budapest. Just think about the beautiful building of the Hungarian Parliament or the Buda Castle along the Danube River. Hungary is a Christian country so there are many churches to visit, not to mention the grandiose Saint Stephen Basilica in the center. Besides all the sights, there are interesting and reputable museums in the city, such as the Museum of Fine Arts of The National Gallery.

Top cool tours in Budapest

Budapest Art Nouveau Tour


€11.25 p.p.

Best of Budapest: Highlights & Hidden Gems



€27.00 p.p.

Budapest’s 90 mins Kickstart Tour



€8.00 p.p.

When you’re walking on the Grand Boulevard, you will feel the special atmosphere of the city. But what is it? This atmosphere carries the modern times of development and the memories of the past as well. What is this strange mix?
When you travel to Budapest, you will hear about the past of the country. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union totally occupied the whole country. Hungary only gained freedom 26 years ago, in 1989.
The country was in a shock for years after the change of the regime. Slowly, but steadily, the real change has started, with all the renovations and changes in people’s mindset. Despite the fact that Budapest has developed so much since then, you’ll still find some features of the old regime – and that is something very interesting to think about when you travel to Budapest.
What are these soviet features? First of all, in the rural areas, you will find the infamous block of flats that were built based on soviet plans. They are meant to provide housing for the rapidly growing society of Budapest. These buildings are not bad or useless – they are just disturbingly colorless. Check out a so-called ‘lakótelep’, the old residential areas as an alternative city tour, when you travel to Budapest.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Martijn Ivan

Spies & Masters: Cold War Tour in Budapest

Ivan listens to your wishes (in a group everyone expects something different) and builds a tailor made experience in the great city of Budapest to make it interesting for everyone. His knowledge about the subject seems bottomless and he is able to transfer this knowledge in an enjoyable way.

Budapest is easy to explore by yourself, but it's hard to experience the full potential without Ivan.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Mark Eva

Must-see Spots & Hidden Corners City Tour

We were a bit intimidated about visiting Budapest so we booked a tour w Eva through With Locals. She met us at our hotel so we didn’t need to figure out mass transit. She was a great guide. She asked some questions to taylor our tour to fit us and then took us all over both sides of the Danube. She was very well informed and charming to boot. She is passionate about Hungary and gave so much more than a programmed tour. Best way to start a visit to this beautiful city!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Barb Irene

Budapest Off-the-Beaten Track Private Tour

If you want a truly open and informational tour from a local, book Irene!!! I have booked many tours and she was one of the best! Knowledgeable, personal able and genuinely interested in what you as a tourist want to see!! I loved my time with her!! Budapest cane alive.

What else tell you stories about the past of the country? A very interesting scene, the Ecseri Market. Take your local guide with you and listen to their stories about their childhood memories. They will be drawn back by some objects, toys, or kitchen equipment displayed on the market. It will surely be an astonishing experience. The past of Hungary is included in the modern culture – without the past, everything would be so much different. Therefore, be open when you travel to Budapest, so you can hear all these stories about the past.