Sightseeing in Budapest

Thanks to the huge variety of attractions in Budapest, everyone can find the most entertaining way for themselves to spend some time. Are you into mainstream sights and museums? Or are you more into alternative routes and big hikes? No matter what you choose, Budapest will make it fun!

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You can select from many guided trips from the local hosts who will show you around. They can also adjust their ideas to your so you don’t miss out anything you’d like to see. So if you are looking for the most detailed and personal guided tour, seek contact with one of them to take you sightseeing in Budapest.

There are definitely some not-to-miss sights in Budapest. There is the magnificent building of the Hungarian Parliament, or the Buda Castle, where there are million hidden gems to be explored. For example, you’ll find the oldest confectionary in Budapest in the castle district! Include it in your personalized sightseeing in Budapest and have a great fun!

It is good to know, that the public transportation system in Budapest is very good. You can get anywhere in town within an hour from the center. For those, who are into alternative routes, and like to wander off the beaten track this might be the best option. All the attractions are accessible by public transport. Moreover, if you’d like to go on a big hike in the surrounding hills, you can take tram 61, the H5 suburban railway, or bus number 21 and in 60 minutes you’ll find yourself in a forest. Your local host can always give you information about the easiest and fastest routes.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Ankur Nicholas

A customized trip with Nicholas

I contacted Nick to customize the "Introduction to Budapest" tour. Namely, I needed a later start time due to my flight arrival. He replied back immediately, was able to accommodate my requests, along with some great suggestions of what we could add to the tour.

For the tour itself, we ended up doing at night with the city all lit up.... Wow! Just breathtaking! From secret historical spots (literally), street art, ruin bars, local pubs, street food stops, the subway, buses, trams, parks, bridges, monuments.... we literally saw everything and more I wanted to cover in 4 hours. Throughout the tour, Nick was extremely knowledgable and passionate while explaining his country's history and current status - always taking the time to answer my questions and providing suggestions on where else I should see / eat during my time in Budapest. I thoroughly enjoyed Nick's custom tour and highly recommend him to all!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Kinga Orsolya

Design Your Own Hungarian Tote Bag!

Orsolya is such a friendly, energetic and helpful artist - the bags we painted with her are a personalized souvenir we will take back from budapest as a great memory...anyone looking for a special memory and souvenir of budapest should book it ! Location right in the middle of the jewish quarter is a great starting point for exploration of the district ...

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
רבקה Claudia

The Best of Budapest with a Local

We only had a short day to spend in Budapest and we knew it would be tough seeing everything with the kids (12, 14), so we arranged a tour with Claudia. It was lovely! Got a taste of both Buda and Pest, heard details of the history and architecture and all at a pace that was right for us and the kids.

There are other more convenient ways of sightseeing in Budapest. You can have an authentic Trabant sightseeing tour in Budapest. Traveling in a Trabant is really special because it was the most popular car in in the Communist Era. To hear the engine of these old cars that gradually found their ways into the hearts of locals is among the most unique experiences you can find while sightseeing in Budapest.

When you are a bit tired of constant sightseeing in Budapest, join one of the local hosts for a dinner, with traditional Hungarian, or fusion-style meal. Usually, some good quality, traditional beverages are included too, such as wine or pálinka. After a great cozy meal, you will have enough energy to continue your day.

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