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Get the real Hong Kong experience with a local private guide! Visiting the city with a private guide is just like being with a knowledgeable local friend you can ask any questions that come up to your mind, and get all the insider news and tips that you can’t find anywhere else. Your private guide will lead you to all the best and must-do things in Hong Kong and immerse you into the essence of the modern yet cultural city.

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From city highlights to hidden gems.
From food essentials to home dinners.
Our hosts share it with you.

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Whether it is the popular touristy attractions or hidden local secret spots,  a local guide can take you to all of them. Discover local stories and culture with your private guide in Hong Kong and see what makes this city so unique and different. Check out the markets where locals shop daily for fresh foods, go on a personalized food tour in Hong Kong or just wander in the old district to get a sense of the historic side of the city.  

 Best part of having a private guide is that you can save a lot of time doing research. First, you don’t need to worry about having difficulties understand the transportation system, as they will lead you and explain to you along the way how everything works. Furthermore, the biggest problem you will face in Hong Kong is probably the language difference, so having a private guide in Hong Kong can help you with the translation and understanding of the language and might even do the haggling at the market for you!

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€39.00 p.p.

Hong Kong Favorite Food Tour: 10 Tastings



€54.50 p.p.

Private Full Day Hong Kong Insider Tour



€55.00 p.p.

Explore Hong Kong with your Private Guide

Your private guides in Hong Kong can personalize your journey, and help you to search for the attractions and places that you want to go, and in a pace you feel comfortable with. If you have any specific wishes, do not hesitate to tell your private guide, they are more than happy to make arrangements to make your stay joyful and memorable. No matter if you are alone, a couple, a group of friends, a family with kids or even elders, they will take good care of you and will be the best company to spend a day with.

 Your private guide will advise you with numerous food choices based on your budget and interest, whether it is locals’ favorite authentic food or Michelin star restaurants, it is all up to you. Even if you prefer to have a nice home-cooked dinner, your private guides in Hong Kong can provide you with the best Cantonese style dishes. Enjoy your food without rushing and chat with the hosts cozily just like at home!

 Let yourself visit Hong Kong like a local and make a new friend here, who is passionate in bringing you an unforgettable experience!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Corinna Matteo

Treasure Hunting in Lei Yue Mun Fisherman Village

First off, we are probably not really the target group for this tour. We are a middle aged childless couple and we had an absolute blast. We had done a different tour with Matteo in June and loved it. While we were on that tour, he mentioned this and we decided to book it for our next trip as we were looking for something a bit different and off the beaten track.

We realised as soon as the ferry pulled up that we were going somewhere that was a world apart from the Hong Kong we had known previously. Apart from the treasure hunting game where we had to find various landmarks and features, there was literally a treasure around every corner: stilt houses, statues and outdoor art, temples and some very scenic spots. We were even treated to an amazing sunset over Victoria Harbour.

Matteo made this tour a lot of fun. He is full information and only too happy to answer any questions. We will definitely book another tour with Matteo when we come to Hong Kong again.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Stephen Yin

The Non-Touristy side of Little Shanghai

Yin was knowledgable and enthusiastic. We had a great tour with her, finishing with an amazing hike to a secluded spot with beautiful vista of Hong Kong. She made the tour a highlight of our Hong Kong trip.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Hayley Tony

Tasting Hong Kong: Bites, Market & Cooking Class with local mum

As a British born Cantonese and very familiar with Hong Kong, I purchased this experience for my non-asian boyfriend as I wanted him to see the real Hong Kong; I can honestly confirm our time and experience with Tony really was the real deal! I highly recommend this experience if you want to see non-touristy and real Hong Kong. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our time with Tony and I was extremely pleased as we experienced the real local Hong Kong way of living and all of its delicious food.

Tony was extremely accomodative and helpful from the start, even before I purchased the experience. I told him what I wanted and the best date we could do, and he was quick at replying. Even though Chinese New Year was approaching (meaning that shops and markets would be closed), Tony was very helpful and able to set a date which worked best for us all and when the markets would still be open.

When we met Tony, he was very friendly and helpful from the start. We did not stop learning from him and felt very comfortable asking any questions we wanted about food/markets/ Hong Kong. As soon as we entered Tony's home (c. 10.00) we did not stop eating until the end of the experience (c. 16.30). We had the option to leave earlier but we were enjoying ourselves so much we had to stay. Tony's mum taught us how to cook and choose the ingredients, she was very friendly and informative. Tony's girlfriend was also there and was very friendly and helpful too. We felt very welcomed and comfortable having just met them.

The highlight for me, apart from all of the delicious food, was seeing my boyfriend's reaction to the wet market. He has never seen or experienced anything like that before, Tony and his mum were great in telling us the inside tips and showing us around. I cannot express enough how good this experience was as I am already familiar with wet markets, local snacks and some Chinese cooking, I still learnt so much!

I highly recommend this experience for those familiar and non-familiar with the Hong Kong culture. Be ready to meet very friendly and helpful people and most of all, come with empty stomachs and be prepared to eat!