What to see in Athens

What To See In Athens? This is probably the most popular question among people who visit the birth city of democracy. Despite the plethora of options, the answer is very simple. Even a handful of things to see can be enough to steal your heart away and imprint the Greek culture within you.

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What to see in Athens

1. Walk Through The Ermou Street
Ermou street is one of the most crowded and commercial streets of Athens. Located near the Rock of Acropolis, it is a great opportunity to relax after your field trip to Parthenon. Ermou street is full of stores, street food vendors and cafes and both locals and visitors can enjoy them throughout the day. Nevertheless, Ermou street is the home of the glorious Byzantine church of Kapnikarea. Ermou street is also a cradle for street performers. They can be found in several spots along the street and enrich these cultural picture with creativity and color.

2. Breathe In The Fresh Air At The National Garden
No matter if Christmas is coming up or summertime is around the corner, the National Garden is the top answer to what to see in Athens. Its extent is immense and the enormous perennial trees, the thick bushes and the scandent plants give off an imposing vibe. The National Garden is equipped with a small zoo, the Botanical Museum and an artificial pond where you can take a break from the city's hustle and bustle.

3. Overlook The City
A vast and breath-taking view of the city is what to see in Athens. There are two ways to reach the top of Lecabyttus Hill. You can either use the sky lift or walk your way up there through the forest that covers the Hill's slopes. The walk until the top is the most popular since you get to explore various historical treasures along. Plus, the view once you reach the top is rewarding. You can also visit the open theater and the two churches that are located on the Hill.

4. Visit The Ancient Roman Agora
What to see in Athens if you are a fan of the Roman history? The Roman Agora is the answer to your question. This location is a strong reminder of the roman culture that flourished in Athens centuries ago. The signs of an early civilized community are evident all over. Stores are located at the east side of the Roman Agora while its gate, the Gate of Athena Archegetis, still stands tall for everyone to admire.

5. Have A Taste Of Cycladic Culture
The Anafiotika district is what to see in Athens to surprise yourself. This unique and picturesque neighborhood is strongly influenced by the Cycladic architecture and culture. Built right under the Rock of Acropolis, there is nothing to remind you that you are in Athens. The colors, the houses, the smells, everything in Anafiotika is inspired by the Cycladic island of Anafi, the origin of Anafiotika's habitues.

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