Best Nightlife spots in Athens

Athens is one those destinations that combines everything. Each visitor's expectation can be fulfilled, from exploring the historic aspects of the city to letting off some steam by having a drink at a bustling local bar. Greeks are rumored to enjoy leading a party-rich lifestyle. Experiencing nightlife in Athens will let you be the judge of that.

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Nightlife spots in Athens

1. The Psiri District
The local bars and cafes are the indisputable protagonists in the Psiri district. Labeled by many as the Soho of Greece, Psiri never rests. From the morning until late in the evening you can see young people passing by looking for either a coffee place to hang out or a taverna to enjoy a nice Greek meal. The peak time in this district occurs on Sunday afternoon when local taverns play traditional Greek music to accompany your meal. This festive atmosphere can last until late in the evening. Psiri is ideal for anyone who wants to experience a casual and traditional night out.

2. The Kolonaki District
Nightlife in Athens can be multi-dimensional. The options are limitless and you are bound to locate the optimal choice for you. If you happen to be a fan of a sophisticated and elegant nightlife, then Kolonaki is the most suitable choice for you. There is a wide variety of cafe bars where you can either enjoy a late afternoon coffee or an early/late evening drink. Meanwhile, Greek delicacies can parade through your table.

3. The Downtown Athens District
With the help of your local guide you can explore the nightlife in downtown Athens. The concept of traveler's advisor has no meaning in this case. Your local guide will show you the hidden nightlife gems through Athen's alleys. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail with some background jazz tunes.

4. The Gazi District
If you are set on experiencing an intense nightlife in Athens, look no more. Gazi is the choice for you. This district is filled with night clubs and music stages. There is a wide selection of entertainment to choose from. You want to listen to modern Greek music or the latest club hits? The Gazi district has it all.

5. The Zografou District
A night out in the Zografou district is rather alternative. The options include a wide array of cafes and bars. You local host can tailor the evening to your needs. Based on your preferences and liking, the host is capable of picking out the ideal place for a fun evening. But, the night is always young! And Athens nightlife never ask your local guide for the best things to do in Athens at night!

Top local nightlife offers in Athens

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Eileen Agathi

Shop 'til You Drop in Athens

My family had a shopping tour with Agathi in April. She was very upbeat during the tour despite the constant pouring rain for the entire duration of it (think soaked through sneakers and socks). Her communication prior to and during the tour was excellent, and she took my requests for stops on the tour with ease as well as making some suggestions, especially given the weather. Thanks Agathi!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Jackie Agathi

Athens’ Tastiest Vegan Food Tour

I don't think there are enough wonderful words to describe our Vegan Food tour of Athens with Agathi.

Prepare for a longer review as I want to make sure I hit all of the high points!

Even if you aren't vegan (which I'm personally not but my wife who was also on the tour is mostly vegatrarian), Agathi straight away said she can personalize what we would be eating depending on how open we were to try things blwhen we first met up.

The food we ended up trying along the tour were: freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh nuts and dried fruits, spanikopita (which we chose cheese and spinach pies), tasting a variety of Greek olive oils and Greek liquors/alcohols at Dia Tafta, and vegan souvlaki (which looked like any meat-lovers gyros and tasted like them too!).

All of which are from local spots that are off the beaten path and that was exactly what we wanted to experience. As authentic to Greece as someone that lives here can give us. We love to abosrob other cultural experiences and Greece was no exception!

Never once did Agathi make us feel rushed walking from place to place, or even when we were spending extra time looking around Dia Tafta at some gifts to bring back home. In all honestly she could have told us we didn't have time or that we could come back later after the tour to purchase gifts and such.

She provided not only ancient and more modern history of Greece, but we also got to know Agathi on a more personal level instead of the usual one sided experiences when touring.

I can only say that it was like catching up with an old friend as we spent a little over three hours with her - despite having only just met!

I can't recommend booking a tour with her more, she was so lovely! By far she was our favourite WithLocals tour and guide - even including ones we'd already done in Greece or other countries.

My new joke is that I want to keep all of the wonderful Greek people we've met on our honeymoon, and bring them back to Canada. Agathi is no exception!

Book a tour with her - you won't regret it.

Love from two very happy Canadians! 🍁

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Samuel Melina

Greek Cooking Class with Organic Products

Melina was an absolutely wonderful host, i can’t say enough how much fun we had and how much we learned. There was never a dull moment, as Melina shared her vast knowledge of Greek culture as we cooked. Her ingredients were fresh and local and the food neither of us had tried before. We can’t wait to copy her recipes for our families back home. The best part of the evening, however, was melina’s infectiously good attitude and humor.