top10 Things to do in Athens

Are you the type of person who wants to experience the Greek culture to the fullest? Are you the one who wants to take a glimpse of Athens' hidden gems? Are you the one who wants to feel the ambience of old Athens? Then, accompany us through the following countdown of top 10 things to do in Athens.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Christine Westphal Marina

Athens Evening Food Tour: 10 Tastings

What an amazing time with Marina! We encountered many wonderful foods on our 3 hour tour. Marina was an wonderful hostess and our entire group had a great time. Each stop was an experience. We had such a great time and couldn't believe how quickly it was over. Highly recommend Marina for your food tour experience!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Nicole Melina

Greek Cooking Class with Organic Products

From the start of my booking with Melina to the end, everything was AMAZING! This trip is a girls getaway and a month before arriving in Greece I reached out to Melina. We live in the states, and I had no problems communicating with Melina as far as the date and time I was requesting. We really enjoyed our time shopping with Melina and learning how to cook a healthier version of traditional Greek foods. She also gave us a great selection of different dishes to cook. She really made us feel like family and I HIGHLY recommend booking with Melina.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Chris Yorgos

A customized trip with Yorgos

I was travelling alone and wanted to see everything in a single day! Yorgos arranged this all for me and we spent a great morning in Athens, I built a list of the non tourist places to visit including some amazing rooftop bars and then we went to temple of poiseiden in the afternoon!

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