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Travel options in Germany

Unless you’re going to travel outside of main cities to smaller country areas and villages you likely wouldn’t need to rent a car. In fact many city dwelling Germans exist perfectly well without one. Germany has a fantastic public transportation infrastructure. You’ll find even medium sized cities are well served by trains, trams and buses.

If you do drive — it’s on the left. Not all, but around 65% of the vast German autobahns have no speed limit. The actual cities though can be quite congested, so you don’t want to be driving in them unless it’s really necessary. If you’re used to driving in dense urban areas you should be fine. Parking however can be a bit more of a problem and tends to be on the expensive side.

Most cities have outlets where you can hire bikes or scooters to get around. Generally German cities are bike friendly, with excellent bike lanes, especially Berlin and Munich.

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Local ways of transportation in Germany

  • For traveling to other German cities (or even foreign ones) Deutsche Bahn (DB, or GermanRail) is the long haul train service and it is used by 4.5 million passengers each day.
  • You can buy first class seating, but the regular seating is comfortable enough and the trains modern and clean. It is recommended if you’re traveling some distance to a popular destination to pay a little extra for a reserved seat.
  • You can use the same tickets for trains, trams and buses, and often for ferries as well. Just make sure you have the right ticket as fines can be heavy if you’re caught by an inspector without one or holding an incorrect ticket. You need to validate all tickets using a stamping machine which are usually at the entrance to stations and also on all public transport.



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Luxurious ways of transportation in Germany

  • More in the mood for traveling in style? There are plenty of options in large cities like Berlin or Munich and they don’t have to cost the earth (they can if you want them too)! Some ideas to travel in comfort:
  • Want a chauffeur? You can get a private driver starting from around €40 for a 20 km trip. Drivers can be hired for sightseeing, or if you just want to get from A to B.
  • The next step up? Plenty of companies provide limousine services anywhere from €300 for 3 hours. Commonly used for VIP Transfers or Limo Sightseeing Tours.
  • For something really special there are various boat charters available for sightseeing, parties or just cruising waterways. You can hire or charter any kind of boat from a yacht to a catamaran. Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for.