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Home restaurants in Germany

The myth of German cuisine is that it’s all sausages, sauerkraut and beer. They DO partake in these items, but it’s a little derogatory when you consider the quality and sophistication of food that you’ll discover in Germany. It’s also a myth that the food is heavy and a bit bland. German cuisine is the opposite, varied, tasty and very often light, simple food.

One way of experiencing real German food is through “Withlocals — which matches up travelers with locals who provide authentic cooking. You have the opportunity to enjoy home-cooking in a family home and experience the local culture up-close.

Each of the 16 states of Germany also tends to have its own traditional dishes and cuisine that is subtlety different. Bavaria is known for meat and game dishes, while the North of Germany is famous for seafood, with herring and salmon featuring prominently. Goulash is a popular dish that Germany shares with many neighboring Slavic countries. There are a lot of influences, a lot of styles and a lot of dishes to try.

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Top 10 Traditional Restaurants in Germany

  • Curry 36 (Berlin): One stop shop for currywurst in Berlin. They offer other types of traditional sausages and burgers too. Budget priced but not budget taste — eat in or takeaway.
  • Yellow Sunshine (Berlin): It’s vegetarian. It’s organic. It’s fast food. Which sounds a contradiction in terms, therefore you have to try it. For vegetarians who don’t want to miss out on the local cuisine there’s tofu Currywurst!
  • Dallmayr (Munich): A Munich institution dating back to the 17th century is the best way of describing Dallmayr. It’s a high quality delicatessen which also has a 2 Michelin star restaurant serving fine dining German/French cuisine.
  • Bayerischer Donisl (Munich): The place to go if you’re really searching for a traditional Bavarian meal like a hearty roast of pork and dumplings or Wiener schnitzel. Go all the way and wash it down with a classic Munich Weiß bier.
  • Bareiss (Baiersbronn-Mitteltal): Germany has ten 3 star Michelin restaurants and this is one. Located in the Black Forest area it serves the kind of food you would expect: gamey, hearty food influenced by the wilderness around.
  • Alter Haferkasten (Frankfurt): A top league, family-owned Italian restaurant serving food so quintessentially authentic that their homemade gnocchi or tortellini may well make stop and think you’re in Rome.
  • Sonnora (Dries): With its Eifel Mountains location in western Germany this 3 star Michelin restaurant claims both a beautiful location and beautiful French cuisine. A destination restaurant well worth the journey.
  • Fischereihafen (Hamburg): Located on the riverside in Altona this fish based restaurant serves delectable salt and freshwater options. Fresh and light dishes with European flair.
  • Lesage (Dresden): Here’s a unique experience: enjoy lunch in a high tech Volkswagen factory! You can take a tour through the workshop afterwards. Pets are welcome too in the bar!
  • Pfunds Molkerei (Dresden): Fancy some milky goodness? Then try this — east Germany’s oldest dairy shop founded in 1879. Today it’s a milk bar where you can sample cheeses, milk products and drinks. Its beautiful interior was rebuilt after WW2.



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5 Traditional foods you must try Germany

  • Spatzle: A Bavarian dish which is made of flour and egg noodles and usually served with cheese (making it Kasespatzle). Pretty similar to macaroni cheese and just as tasty!
  • Wurst: There are just about as many German sausages as there are ways of cooking and eating them. The most famous are Bratwurst (fried), Wiener (smoked and boiled), Blutwurst (the dreaded blood sausage), and Bavarian Weißwurst (a white sausage you peel before eating it with mustard or sauce).

  • Brezels: A type of German pretzel sprinkled with salt which are very commonly eaten as snacks (often with beer).
  • Apfelstrudel: Apple strudel (for the uninitiated) has been a popular dessert since the 18th century. Made up of apple, sugar cinnamon, pastry, it’s simple and delicious!
  • Schweineschnitzel: (Literally pig schnitzel) is the famous traditional cutlet of meat fried in egg, flour and breadcrumbs. A very popular dish outside of Germany too.