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Best Museums in Germany

Germans are a cultured lot. Well you would kind of expect that when this is the country which gave birth to Einstein, Goethe and almost everyone ever involved in classical and operatic music. Germany has the culture and the history to show off as well. It’s not hard to fill museums with engaging exhibits with such a background.

There are around 6,250 museums in Germany covering every topic range you can think of: art, history, technology, literature and the natural world. You’ll find big cities like Berlin with big museums showcasing German and European achievement since the dawn of man, and you’ll also find many regional museums in smaller centres, with much more local, but nevertheless engaging content.

The wealth to fund and maintain collections, along with intelligence and an understanding of the importance of the past, and also academic curiosity has enabled Germany to build up some of the best museums in the world. Get ready for lots of “ahhh” moments when you visit them.

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Top 10 Museums in Germany

  • Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin): The Museum for Natural History contains over 30 million paleontological, zoological, and mineralogical objects and is famous for having the largest mounted dinosaur in the world, as well as a beautifully preserved Archaeopteryx (the earliest known bird).
  • DDR Museum (Berlin): For 40 years East Germany developed its own idiosyncratic culture in parallel to West Germany. Derided by many, it ceased to exist and virtually vanished overnight with reunification. Here in the DDR Museum you’ll see some of the products of the DDR, learn about East German nudists and see a real Trabant up close.
  • Munich Stadtmuseum (Munich): The City Museum of Munich has large and fascinating displays showing the establishment and history of Munich. Learn about the devastation of WW2 and subsequent reconstruction.
  • The Deutsche Museum (Munich): has a huge range of exhibits covering everything from the environment to musical instruments to robotics. It is the largest museum of science and technology in the world and definitely deserves a visit.
  • Three Pinakotheken (Munich): For art lovers visit this trio of galleries. Alte Pinakothek, (European masters from the 14th to 18th centuries). The Neue Pinakothek (Impressionism). The Pinakothek der Moderne (a vast collection that includes paintings and also industrial design).
  • Documentation Center Nazi Party Rallying Grounds (Nürnberg): This museum is housed in the incomplete remains of a congress hall built by the Nazis and its exhibit "Fascination and Terror" deals with their rise and fall.
  • Germanic National Museum (Nürnberg): This is Germany’s largest museum of arts and culture holding items dating back to pre-history. It includes art, sculptures, and literature. If it’s anything to do with Germany’s national heritage — it’s likely to be found here.
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum and Porsche Museum (Stuttgart): You can see why (and how) Germans developed a reputation for precision engineering and the search for automotive excellence in this museum devote to these two famous car brands.
  • Schnütgen Museum (Cologne): This stunning museum is devoted to mainly Christian art of the medieval period. Includes items from local Frankish art traditions of stained-glass, painting and carving.
  • Medieval Crime Museum (Rothenburg): The artefacts here cover crime, and criminal behaviour in the German speaking world, along with displays on how the judiciary developed in Europe, and the implements of torture and retribution for those deemed guilty.



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Top 3 fun museums in Germany

  • Kartoffelmuseum (Munich): Dig up the history on the humble potato. It’s not as silly as it sounds, as there’s a lot of interesting scientific facts, and the potato does play a large part in Bavarian cuisine. It has just the right balance of quirkiness and information to hold interest.
  • The Currywurst Museum (Berlin): is dedicated to everything you need to know about Berlin’s favourite sausage! It’s something that most tourists try, just like walking through the Brandenburger Tor or visiting the Reichstag, so why shouldn’t it have its own museum? Probably not for vegetarians.
  • Children’s Museum (Frankfurt): This is an interactive museum for children and families, that has exhibits and activities which attempt to use children’s own curiosity to learn about how the world around them works.